Friday, 17 August 2007

issus Cafe Bar

Last Friday, Mouse brought me to this place that she had been raving about ~ issus Cafe Bar ~ to try the brekky, especially their French toast. So, here we go around 11am to have our brunch.

yup, its one of the restaurants at this lane

Melbourne is fairly famous for its hidden, cozy cafes which are mostly in little lanes and I personally rather enjoy having meals/coffees at those hidden places.

cosy little place to have our brunch =)

To start off, Mouse had ordered Mint Hot Chocolate (part of Winter Special Menu) and I had Chai Latte.

Mint Hot Chocolate, $3.50 & Chai Latte, $3.50 as well

I like my Chai Latte. Its one of the better ones tt I had recently =) According to mouse, the mint hot chocolate is a winner - unlike most mint chocolates, the mint was fresh and minty, and does not taste syurpy. The hot chocolate left a really awesome aftertaste of chocolate with a whiff of fresh mint on the tastebuds. So, she said, even if they used mint syrup, that's some high quality mint syrup hence Mouse is very happy indeed. Too bad I can't tolerate mint flavour in coffees, ice-cream and cookies, thus, I can't comprehend how tasty was that =P

Nice little flower on top of my chai. I wonder how they made that...

Yeah, our mains here! Oooo, upon Mouse's recommendation, I ordered the French Toast with bacons & sausages and Mouse had Big Breakfast.

My French Toast with bacons & sausages, $10.90


This breakky came with a bottle of maple syrup where u can pour AS MUCH SYRUP AS U LIKE on the french toast =D OOOoooOOOO I enjoyed this breakky man. Bacons...Eggs... sweet Maple Syrups...!! HAHA. I can't resist those as the bacons are crisp on the egde and the toasts are just scrumptious, esp with some maple syrup on them. Gosh, its almost sinful to have this as breakky as one can only c the combo as greasy, unhealthy, high-blood pressure, fat, too sweet, diabetes, calouries, cholesterol... etc! =D But I can't help myself. LOL. One thing was that the bread was a bit too thick and some of the bacons were burnt (I know some ppl really like those burnt parts but not me =) ). Other than tt, oooooooooo I like!

Mouse's Big Breakfast,$11.90

Bacons, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, toasts, hash browns

Mouse is generally quite happy with her Big Breakfast. It was plentiful and worth the money with lots and lots of food. The tomatoes were good and the mushrooms were herby and tasty (although it loses to Ludo's ). The sausages were meaty and nice and the accompanying thick toast with fried eggs rounded off everything nicely. Her only complaint would be that the bacon was 1/4 BURNT (Mouse doesn't eat charcoal-flavoured bacon) and the bread was cut a bit too thickly. Thinner slices would be better.

In brief, both of us just really contented with the food we had. The portion were rather big and we could not finish them (mainly the breads and other bits n pieces). Mouse said that the last time she went, the bread was thinner and hence v crispy and make the portion just nice. B4 I end this, just wanna say that sometimes I wonder yy oily,meaty,crispy food are not healthy. sigh. In regardless, I will definitely go back =)


issus Cafe Bar
8-10 Centre Place
Melbourne 3000 VIC
Phone: (03) 96638844


Ginger said...

wah, both looks very delish! the big breakfast is massive!! think can share between 2 people rite.. i saw got 2 sausages somemore..

IronEaters said...

hi ginger. =D definitely can share btw 2 people. its alot! yea...2 sausages on each plate =)

tigerfish said... all seem to be able to get good latte around Melbourne. Here , it's Starbucks, still Starbucks. :(
I think having maple syrup drizzled over savory food like bacons, and toasts is a special taste on its own. YUM! And oh, look at that BIG breakfast, really huge portions! The toast is thick (just like those toast seen often in HK Tea Cafes) :D

IronEaters said...

hi yea,we got pretty decent latte or other coffees around. for the maple syrup, eating it with the french toast is just a simple combo yet a divine one. the big breakky is huge! =)

East Meets West Kitchen said...

What a yummy breakfast, I could finish that big breakfast and latte! ;)

Big Boys Oven said...

hi ironeaters,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Great to hear your finding thro my blog.
What a great breakfast you have there, such a tempting indulgence and explosive.
Wish have been there....


IronEaters said...

hi east meets west kitchen,haha...thats good.don't waste the food,unlike me =(

hi big boys oven, thanks stopping by here too. wat a great blog u guys having there =D

Johanna said...

I like your photos - this is a place where I have enjoyed a few brunches and your post just makes me want to go back there right now!

Shirley Khor said...

I know this place! I've always wanted to try the coffee and the food there. It's quite relaxing and enjoyable to sip ur coffee on a lazy afternoon in a hidden alley :)

BTW, the food looks really good :P"

IronEaters said...

hi johanna, really? hehe. this was my first time and i def will go back for more! =)

hi shirley khor. hm..seems like this place is quite popular. i know...i jt love those feelings =D


sugar-trick said...

Looks yummy! The chai latte must've tasted like heaven - I'd love one chai myself right now. ;)