Thursday, 2 August 2007


I don't often have classes that start at 1PM, so when given the chance, I decided to make use of my looong morning and have a nice breakfast. In which I hadn't really done since coming back to Melbourne. My breakfasts mostly consisted of, if I'm early, cereal while preparing to go to uni or, if I'm late, stuffing bread/banana/whatever food into my mouth as I run after the tram (story of my life, running after trams).

Anyway! No one could really do breakfast with me due to the all evil of classes and work and what have you - so I had my usual foodie San go with me. We decided to try somewhere new and decided on Ludo's (review by the breakfast blog) just because it's near the city and I love pesto.

Ludo's is actually quite hidden (or as San said, 'not in our part of town') - somewhere that I wouldn't really think of going into even if I walked past. :D It's a nice little cafe-style place like the usuals, nothing unusual about the set up.

We had drinks to start off with, and as I cannot function without caffeine like all self-respecting university students (I'm cutting down, I swear), I grabbed myself a Skinny Latte ($3.00) and San had a Chai Latte ($3.50).

Looks skinny eh?

My latte was a success. FYI, Ludo's uses Illy as their coffee blend. The coffee flavour was strong and pleasant and a nice wake up call. Ahh, could feel my whiskers coming to life, HAHHAHA.

The spread of chai.

San pouring.

San's Chai was decidedly a letdown. Despite the nice presentation of a pretty cup and honey, it was far from authentic chai and was very weak in taste and flavour, watery even. Ugh. Needless to say, she wasn't a shining 'Sun'.

We both ordered the same breakfast after reading the review - Pesto Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes and Mushrooms ($12.50). The eggs were $10.00 by themselves and mushrooms were an additional $2.50.

Breakfast is served, dudes!

The price did seem a little steep for breakfast - after all, one could have a big breakfast with hash browns, bacon and sausages for $10.00 at some other city cafes. But to be honest, we were truly truly satisfied.

Tomatoes + Eggs + Toast + Most Amazing Mushrooms EVER.

We both love the oven roasted tomatoes. It was nicely seasoned with a sprinkle of herbs and not roasted to the point of charcoal-black. It was soft and squishy and really yummy. The pesto eggs were something new to us both - and I really do like it. The pesto went great with the eggs and there were a lot of eggs in the scrambled, served on crusty buttery bread. I couldn't tell whether the pesto was fresh or bottled, but who cares, it tasted awesome. Yum! Also what I liked was that the eggs weren't really seasoned, and we can add salt and pepper to our taste. :)

The highlight of the whole thing? THE MUSHROOMS. OMG. If that is what mushroom heaven is like, I'll gladly be a mushroom my next life, be a really charitable mushroom and go to mushroom heaven. Except I'd be eaten by someone as greedy as me and...okay I'm crapping but OMG OMG the mushrooms!! They were the BEST I've ever tasted. Buttery, salty (but not too much of course) and fragrant and amazingly yummy. And just the right amount served to round off our breakfast dish!

And because we talk a lot and we talk and talk and talk without stopping, I got thirsty and ordered a Cappuccino ($3.00). (No, I swear I really am cutting down on caffeine)

Yeah I just like to post photos (not like a cappuccino is the rarest thing on earth).

Flavour was a little lacking compared to my latte but good coffee all the same. Definitely going back there again if only for those wow-tastic mushrooms!!



118 Queen Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9670 9488


Ginger said...

nice post!!

wah.. by ur description..make me wanna go try the mushroom..


IronEaters said...

hi ginger. the mushroom is definitely the winner!


crushedguava said...

15 bucks for breakfast wow. do they have it for lunch? i think i'm more willing to pay that amount for a dinner or lunch rather than breakfast. ;p

Truffle said...

Sounds like it might be worth a try! With a lot of big breakfasts hitting the $15+ mark in the city and inner suburbs I don't think the price is too unreasonable.

tigerfish said...'s past 12am now, officially can be breakfast time for today! I'm so hungry hearing you talk about breakfast, but I need to sleep first before I can get breakfast.:p

IronEaters said...

hi Crushedguava, i know...the price a bit steep for breakky..and u can have that for lunch as we had our "breakky" there at around 11 something! and there are other stuff like foccasias.

Truffle,hi.yea, i agree that having breakfast outside is getting more expensive now =(

hi Tigerfish. haha. it happens to me as well when looking at other foodblogs!