Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Ten Ren's Tea Time

Greedy people will always be greedy. Even after a huge dimsum lunch (post coming up after this, hell lot of pictures to edit), we can STILL eat.

Anyway, after dimsum and a lot of walking around on Sunday, me, Sis, San, CC and JK decided to have more food. We decided on snacks because it would be less filling (let our minds play tricks on us ok...we're perfectly happy to let it) and popped by a Taiwanese-styled cafe, Ten Ren's Tea Time 天仁茗茶 for tea-snacks. Ten Ren's is a place that predominantly used to sell and serve all kinds of tea (ranging from inexpensive to super expensive, traditional to crazy new concoctions) but now they branched out into food, serving both full meals and snacks.

We chose three snacks to share (see, not that greedy after all). JK and Sis actually ate very little (or not at all). :D

First up, Ten Lu Tea Beef Wrap ($4.80).

Damn big ok.

Lots of stuff inside!

It was spiced beef pieces in a wrap with shredded carrots, spring onion and cucumbers. I have to say it's quite tasty, it has a lot of flavours and was spiced just right. The beef pieces were generous and there was a lot to go around. My only complaint was the difficulty of eating it! It was very big and armed with just chopsticks, we practically had to dissect the poor beef wrap to share it.

Next up, Spicy Pepper Chicken ($4.80).

Yay chicken!

Fragrant, crispy and yummy. Really crunchy on the outside and the chicken meat inside was tender and not overdone. I really like it, and so did San and CC.

Lastly, Taiwanese Spring Onion Pancake ($4.80).

A salty pancake. :D

Nothing really wow for this, but it was passable and rather tasty. :)

It's a nice place for hanging out, drinking tea and having snacks. Next time round I shall try their variety of teas. Since tea is good for me and all.

- Mouse


Ten Ren's Tea Time
146 Swanston Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9653 3268


Ginger said...


thanks for dropping by my blogs!!

ive nv been to tea ren before.. but now i know what kinda food they serve.. i think i will be there soon!!

keep up the good work!! =)

IronEaters said...

hi ginger. yea, its a nice place if u r looking for nibbles n tea to go with them!


tigerfish said...

I never saw food like these being sold in Ten Ren in the US. They only sell tea and tea-eggs :(

.+ shopaholic +. said...

Yum! The spicy pepper chicken looks really good..

Ten Ren is located on Swanston?
I think I vaguely remember what it looks like on the outside, but have never tried eating there.

Are their full meals any good?

Truffle said...

Looks really interesting. I must have walked past a million times but now I know I should go in! :)

ilingc said...

ooh.. is ten ren new? I don't spend much time in the city since I work and live in the suburbs but the spicy chicken looks yummy. I usually get my taiwanese food fix in boxhill because it's closer :)

IronEaters said...

Tigerfish, when u said there is one in USA,I have a look at the internet n realised Ten Ren has a number of stores across different countries,including Malaysia! No wonder it looks familiar =D and yea...this one in melbourne they sell more than teas n tea eggs. They have a variety of snacks,full meals, bubble teas (if i dun remember wrongly)...etc.

shopaholic,it is at swanston street (near the ex-Nike Melbourne), a few shops next to boost juice. Hope this helps! & we haven't tried their full meals...just snacks.

Truffle, yea.I too have walked past the store several times and not until that day that I actually walked into it!

ilingc, its been there quite sometimes I would say =)