Monday, 30 July 2007

Koko Black

Last Saturday, we had a impromptu after-dinner walk at Lygon street (we had dinner at home btw) coz its Saturday and we've been staying at home for the whole day. Besides, when ones speaks of Lygon street, places like Koko Black, Brunetti or Freddo's just popping into ur head, wittingly or unwittingly! This happens esp after u just had dinner and what more you can want, after dinner, at least willingly and happily? Of course dessert desu!! LOL.

Hence, we decided to stop at Koko Black, bearing in mind that we might be disappointed as was Saturday nite and also the place was quite packed when we arrived. But luckily, there was a table for the 3 of us upstairs at Koko Black =D

It says: Have you ever wondered why quality chocolate seems to literally melt in your mouth? This is because cocoa butter naturally melts at around 37 degree ~ the same temperature as your mouth and about the same as a tropical jungle.

Looking at the menu, our rationale were fighting with our gluttony as we were tempted to have EVERY dessert on it. Somehow in the end, our rationale (n the complaining of our purses) won. Hence, we ordered 2 desserts n 1 drink to share.

Strawberry Ice Cream Martini, $7.50

Iced Chocolate, $6.50

Chocolate flakes on top of it

Chocolate Moelleux with Raspberry Espuma, $14.00

Love the 3 of them. Simply irresistible! Maybe if I have to picky, for the moelleux, if only the raspberry sauce could b cold instead of slightly warm. Other than that, we were just contented with the food, service n environment!

Btw, Koko Black just opened a new salon at Collins street which mean now there are 5 Koko Black stores in Victoria and 1 in Canberra. Out of the 6, only Koko Black at Lygon St. is open til midnite (Friday & Saturday). We stayed until around 11.30pm and when we were leaving, there were still some ppl walking in. How nice it is to have this kinda place to hang out at this time besides bars, pubs or clubs.


167 Lygon Street
Carlton, Victoria 3053
Phone: (03) 93492775


Towser said...
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Towser said...

Hi One San and One Mouse of IronEaters...
I am normally not big on desserts and sweet foods (crave savoury stuff more) but your pictures sure made them look scrummy!
Just dropping a hello and as a food-related blogging newbie, wanna say I enjoy reading your blogs, never fail to bring a smile and sometimes even a few loud laughs :)) Keep it up!

Towser of Spot4Nosh

mouse said...

We did have a great time out, didn't we? :D

But Koko Black has never disappointed me (unlike Max's *cough cough*). I really love hanging out enjoying their chocolatey creations! So scrumptious and yummy!

mouse said...


Thanks for dropping by and we're really glad you enjoyed our blog! ^.^ As for Mouse (which is me :D) personally, I also prefer savoury stuff on a whole but I do have the occasional very sweet tooth. :) Koko Black is very good though - rarely disappoints.

crushedguava said...

lol the length in which you go to cover your faces is just hillarious.

like the menu.


IronEaters said...

hi crushedguava. that was not an intention to cover our faces, it was just a candid shot =) but I wil hav to say that normally we only take the pictures of the food...


crushedguava said...

and the menu ;p

haha ok, i respect your policy and will not mention it again.

IronEaters said...

crushedguava,haha..thank you =)