Saturday, 28 July 2007


After dinner at M.O.O. Restaurant (scroll down for our review or click here), since it was still early(around 9pm), we decided to go to Koko Black at Lygon street. Too bad there wasn't any parking space near it and also Koko Black was practically packed with people inside. So, we head over to Brunetti instead to try our luck. Of course we managed to get a space to park the car after turning here n there a few times =) *thanks MM* Despite the fact that Brunetti was as busy as Koko Black, we were determined to get seats by waiting. Not long after, we got ourselves tables. Happy.

There are 2 Brunetti cafes in Melbourne ~ at Faraday st. & Flinders lane. This one at Faraday st. is much bigger and offering 4 sections of service and products -- coffee, pasticceria , gelati and restaurant. We were seated opposite the gelati section where Brunetti offers a variety of different gelati as well as freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. A lot of choices rite? Whenever I go over to their pasticceria section, I will hav a headache since I dunno what should i choose because of their wide variety of cookies, nougats, tarts, chocolates, cakes n etc. So this time I choose to just order a hot drink although I was tempted to get myself a cheeeeeeesecake(!!!).

inside Brunetti, near gelati section

our orders (back to front) ~ Italian Hot Chocolate, Spice Chai Latte, Portuguese Tart and Gelati

MM's Gelati (Bacio and Stracciatella)

Mouse's Italian Hot Chocolate

San's Spice Chai Latte

I had the spice chai latte ($3.50). I feel that the flavours weren't concentrated enuff and tasted as if it was a bit diluted. Mouse had the Italian Hot Chocolate, which was very very VERY chocolatey. It was really good and hearty for the first few sips, but was sort of overdone towards the end. But Mouse understood that that is the way Italian Hot Chocolate is supposed to be, therefore she will stick to the normal the next time! HAHAAHHAH. Also had the Portugese egg tart which is DRY DRY (hence not wet). Not good. (San : I think the egg tart was not bad, it would be much better if it was still warm!) Hello! MM guest-blogging!! San is lame. Erm...I had the was ok, a bit on the sweet side without any actual flavour (i.e. sugary). Freddo's!! Please open up again soon...I need your ice cream. Despite that, I like the environment at Brunetti. It was very comfy and provide us quite a good place to drink coffees and hanging out with frens n family at the same time. All I can say is its another lovely nite out.

San wans a table full of cakes

Brunetti Cakes
194 - 204 Faraday Street
Carlton Vic 3053
Phone: (03) 9347 2801


crushedguava said...

a girl and a mouse eh?

interesting hehe.

i like your food pictures. :)

Truffle said...

I love the italian hot chocolates at brunetti but i get a real kick from that thick chocolate intensity. you've given me a sugar craving! :)

mouse said...


Hi, thanks for commenting and dropping by! :) And yup, a girl and a mouse indeed. :D



That was the first time I had Italian Hot Choco despite it being recommended to me and the first sip was really woooah right to the head. :D Hope you'll get your craving fulfilled!