Friday, 3 August 2007

Shark Fin House (#2)

Because this is #2, you can read #1 HERE where Mouse was NOT present...when two greedy people went off WITHOUT me (okay I was in Malaysia but still).

Anyway! We (yes two of us are writing now!! YAY!!) are going to make this more of a picture post since there are like 375737473 photos to be posted. :D By the way, all the brackets at the back of food is Cantonese! Hah! We speak Canto! At least I do.

First off! I present Shark Fin from the outside and really cool new Shark Fin chopsticks!!

We arrived at 11am, when Shark Fin just opened. But look at the queue!

Cool chopsticks huh?


Prawn Dumplings (Har Kau) - MY FAVOURITE!!!

Teo Chew Dumplings (Chiu Zhou Fun Gor) - I didn't eat this, San thinks it's REALLY yummy.

Fried Pan-Ball (Jeen Dui) - AKA BOMBS to JK.

Chinese Chive Dumpling (Gao Choi Kao)

Mixed Veggie Wrapped in Bean Curd Skin (Seen Chok Guen)

The Non-Veggie Seen Chok Guen

Savoury Minced Pork Dumplings (Ham Sui Kok)

Yam Dumplings (Wu Kok)

Squid Tentacles (Sotong - not exactly Canto but hey)

Prawn Salad (Ha Sa Lad)

MM says by looking at this, she feels like having a bite at it =D

Paper-Wrapped Prawns (Zee Bao Ha) - MOUSE LOVE.

Fried Sticky Rice (Sang Chao Loh Mai Fan) - The Girls' LOVE.

Scallop Rice Noodles (Tai Jee Cheong Fun)


Fish Cake Tofu

Durian Tart (Lao Leen Tat) - I hate it but JK was smelling it like it's...I dunno.

Durian tarts, San likes.

Pork Bun (Char Siew Pau) - Greedy people ate before we can take a photo.

Pork Pastry (Char Siew Sou) - Alf's fav.

Almond Jelly

Rockmelon Sago

That's all folks! We're off to par-tay @ Unknown Location!! Byeeee!

- Mouse (San refuses to be acknowledge with the retarded-ness of this post)

**EDIT: San just added a few extra pictures n captions.**

Shark Fin House
131 Little Bourke St
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9663 1555


Ginger said...

wow delicious!

how much does it costs alltogether?

.+ shopaholic +. said...

The yumcha looks really good!

Btw, thanks for romanizing the chinese names of the dishes.. I'm hopeless in naming the food I want.

I usually end up pointing at it (if it's in the cart) and/or describe how the dish looks like, much to the confusion/annoyance of the waitresses...

mouse said...

Hi ginger,

It cost about $20 per person and there was 5 of us. :D


Hi shopaholic,

Yup, Shark Fin is one of our favourite places for yum cha! And you're welcome - it's more helpful when you know the Chinese name, hehe. I didn't know the names of the more complicated stuff until after a few rounds anyway. :)

crushedguava said...

"Ha Sa Lad"


noodle said...

That looks totally great. I love Yum Cha!

IronEaters said...

hi crushedguava,hahaha, i know...I found it funny too! *no offence to cantonese speakers* =P

hi noodle. me too! LOVE it coz u can just sample a little bit of everything. n looking at the pics now, i feel like i wanna eat the fried sticky rice, squid tentacles and baked oyster/scallop with cheeeeeeeeeeseeee!


mutemonkey said...

Great post and pictures! Sigh, I love yum cha soooooo much... :)

IronEaters said...

hi mutemonkey. thanks! me yumcha! looking at the fried pan-balls, i just wish i can eat them now... =D

tigerfish said...

I always order Seen Chok Guen and Loh Ma Fan whenever I'm eating dim sum . YUmz.

Hahahah...sotong is canto! Hahhaha...I don't know what it is called in canto too!

mouse said...

Hi tigerfish,

For me it's definitely the Prawn Dumplings!! I love Har Kau like nobody's business!

Oh, I remember what is sotong in Canto now...YAO YU. Hah! :D

The Cooking Ninja said...

You so lucky! Your dim sum so delicious looking making me wish I'm eating it right now. :(

IronEaters said...

hi cooking ninja, =) yea... we are lucky, i hav to agree. Im jt wondering is there chinese restaurants/china town at ur place?


ilingc said...

the sotong dish is called "yao yue sou" ;)

lasilasi said...

i just went there yesterday n coincidently took almost the same pic on the chopstick lol. will put up the pictures soon (umm when i have more free time...) boss is giving me manymany pressure now ='(

IronEaters said...

hi ilingc, yea...i just recalled too! haha..thanks yea.

hi lasilasi, really? hehe. cant wait to read ur review. oo sorry to hear you r having lots of pressure now... *pats* hope everything will b not as hectic soon!