Friday, 13 July 2007

Shark Fin House

Today, Me and MM went for yumcha at Shark Fin House (their website) for brunch. Although today is Friday, this place is still packed with people with virtually full house! Mayb is because of uni and schools holidays??

As usual, we made a booking for yumcha at Shark Fin House since we did not want to risk or waste time waiting =) If you wanna have dimsums during the weekend, I will strongly recommend that you make bookings as its very hard to get a table if u do not.

These are what we've eaten:

Fried Sticky rice

Me n MM really like this dish! Its very fragrant. If you haven't tried it b4, just try it when u visit Shark Fin House next time =D

Savoury minced pork dumplings

This is one of my favourites as well. A MUST for me to order this when going for yumcha, regardless of which restaurant! But, MM don't share my love for this dimsum... well, more for me! LOL.

Baked oysters with cheese

By 1.30pm (We arrived at 12.30pm btw), we have only ordered 3 types of dimsums!! This is considered slow for us as we were pretty hungry and wish the trolleys could come to our table faster! Haha. OOoooOO yea, Chez joined us as well at around 1.45pm, which I felt happy as we could sample more food now *evil luff*

Yam balls

Lotus roots with seafood

This is the first time I tried this dish at Shark Fin House. Its quite good as I like to eat lotus roots. Also, the sauce of it is yummy and it got a hint of spicyness in it. Not bad.

Deep Fried Prawns wrapped with noodles

This is another one that I have seen and tried the first time at Shark Fin House. The prawns are wrapped with noodles (I think?) and fried together. Its very crunchy and not bad as well. I think it would have tasted better if I could dip it in mayo or sweet chilli sauce that time...

Pork Ribs

Prawns Dumplings

Mango Pudding

Looks yummy? It is =)

Rockmelon with Sago

This is another one that Me n MM love and must order at our yumcha session! It is just so refreshing...

Shark Fin House's dimsums are quite good and has more variety of dimsums for you to choose as compared to Dragon Boat, Westlake or Red Emperor (all these 3 restaurants are in the city area too). For the price, SFH is slightly more expensive than Dragon Boats and Westlake, while is similar to Red Emperor and Taipan. Taipan Restaurant (in Doncaster) is another one that we enjoy =) . I also heard that other yumcha places like Plume Restaurant (Doncaster and High Point) or Ripples Seafood & BBQ Restaurant (in Malvern by Truffle) are not bad too. I must check them out when I got the chance...


Shark Fin House
131 Little Bourke St
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9663 1555


MeltingWok said...

Hey San and Mouse, thanks for dropping by my blog :) Hehe..I'd kill for some durian too, don't mind the smell at allll :) By the way, that is the preetiest mango pudding I've seen at a yumcha dimsum restaurant, woo..woo tow kok, yummys :)

The Cooking Ninja said...

I have to tell my friend about this place then. I'm sure she will love it.

IronEaters said...

hi meltingwok.haha... *agree!!* yup,not only the mango pudding looks good, it tastes yummy as well =D

hi cooking ninja,yea..tell ur fren that, I hope she will like it too.Enjoy!