Thursday, 12 July 2007

Roti Bakar (Penang)

I will be doing a post on Grossi Florentino's soon - just need to get the pictures arranged. There's not a lot of pictures, but because the lighting was pretty blah and our cameras were pretty blah as well - a lot didn't turn out nicely, so I have to edit them somewhat.

Anyway, if you haven't already, San did a lovely post on Waterfront Station Pier, so do read that!

For this post, I am going to introduce the old-fashioned very typical Penang breakfast - Roti Bakar - at one of its most famous spots in Campbell Street. And it looks really dodgy, too. Hahahha.

Venture into the DARK ALLEY WAH. And no I do not know the random uncle.

I never knew Roti Bakar existed until my bestie Liang took me there last week after recovering from fainting in horror after hearing I didn't know what the heck was Roti Bakar.

Roti Bakar is thick slices of bread which is "burned" (in other words toasted) in a fire-pot with charcoal - in which the charcoal-toasting is its specialty. It is then slathered with home-made kaya (coconut jam) or home-made peanut butter and served with a half-boiled egg if you want it.

I had the kaya roti while Liang had the peanut butter. There's not much difference in the presentation.

Roti x2 and egg x2

My kaya Roti and My egg.

My first bite was OMGSODAMNGOODWHY. Why haven't I tried this thing before?! It's so simple and easy and looks so ordinary but it tasted SUPER. Super super nice!! I had returned for a second meal since. :D

Apparently people don't dip their roti into the half-boiled egg. The half-boiled egg was just to accompany the bread for afterwards. Well I dipped and it tasted damn damn good. Oh, you season the half-boiled egg yourself with soy and pepper, to your liking.

Mount Everest! :D ...Or Mount Kinabalu. Okay, just Penang Hill.

The speciality drink of the place is Kopi Ais to go with the Roti.

It's black but not drain water don't worry.

The Kopi Ais is very very rich in taste and went well with the Roti although it is just a bit too sweet for me.

After we finished our roti, Liang was still greedy so we had another order of Roti Stim to share.

Stim Stim.

Roti Stim is steamed bread using hot water (from the same barrel they bakar the other roti), spread with butter when still hot and soft and sprinkled with sugar. I have had sugar toast before but this Roti Stim is really wow.

...Anyway, there won't be a lot of hawker food post if people are expecting lots. Health conditions preventing me from gorging my usual amount so apologies for that. But do try the Roti stuff when you come down to Penang/Malaysia. So yummy.

The lot above costs us RM8.40. That's approximately AUD$2.60. I can't even get a large takeaway coffee for that in Melbourne. :x

- Mouse



Anonymous said...

Toast bread using charcoal just taste different from using toaster.They taste better!. n the kopi ais(ice coffee)!!!! the taste of it, u cant find it Australia.

miss those mamak food..


Anonymous said...

still don't see how bread can taste extra good...except for those with chewy thick crust that I like :) (ala french baguettes...I almost did not want to leave paris! funny I could love bread that much...considering I hated it all my life..and ooh, waterfront :D)



Anonymous said...

probably bcoz u havent tasted them. if u hav a chance, order that with kaya (its a very fragant egg & coconut jam,normally being spread on breads or plain biscuits), the half-boiled egg + kopi ais or milo ais or watever u like = happy breakky!!


Eu Jin said...

charcoal toasted bread with kaya 0.o

wow. australia is a desolate place XD how i miss this ................................ with my teh halia o ..... hu hu hu T_T

EJ said...

mouse.. how come u dunno roti bakar.. it is the ultimate in indulgence - one roti bakar, teh halio o, then followed by nasi lemak sotong, with extra sambal - cooked the true nyonya style - a bit sweet, with onions and ultra spicy.... ho.. my favourite breakfast =D have to wake up early cos the sotong finish by around 9.30am... come to kl la =D

MeltingWok said...

waahh..roti bakar with kaya dan kopi susu ais..ahh..what a lovely breakfast :)

IronEaters said...

hi eujin.haha... yea, those r just simple yet delicious breasfast! but, I havent tried teh halia b4 tho at mamak stalls back time i must giv it a try!

hi meltingwok. totally agree with u!