Monday, 16 July 2007

Times like this

... I just misssssssss durian so much. Usually I will go back to Malaysia during my winter break. It's now fruit season in Malaysia where u can find all sorts of tropical fruits like durian (MY FAVOURITE - King of Fruits in Malaysia),mangosteen , rambutan, duku and many many more! And times like these, one will fall sick easily as most of the fruits are quite heaty (ie if u dun drink lots of water when u consume quite large amount of durian or rambutan, u might get a sorethroat/cold). I know some people just HATE durians very much, so much that they can't even stand to be in the same room/space as durians (esp. when someone is opening them up to eat them). The very strong odour is just killing them. Thats y the saying goes: either u love it or u hate it. Haha. Well, for me, I told my mum b4 that I wish I could have durians everyday. LOL.


I decided to try the frozen durians here. The reasons being:

1) I never tried those b4 and have been wanting to try them coz I wanna know how different are the taste of those as compared to the fresh ones back home


2) I'm feeling pretty durian-deprived (n it gets worst) when I saw some durian posts from a couple of Malaysian foodbloggers. (here and here for other seasonal fruits in Malaysia)

Hence, last week I went to Laguna (Asian Grocery) at QV to get myself the frozen durians. Laguna sells 2 kinds of frozen durian - one imported from Thailand and another from Malaysia - the popular D24. D24 is one of the most popular and expensive durians in Malaysia because of its good quality. I never knew Melbourne has Malaysian durian (only 1 species ~D24) and thought there is only Thai's. Also, sometimes Safeway has got some whole durians (from Thai as well) there. I wanted to get Malaysia's D24 but it has been SOLD OUT... and I went back twice and was still no stock on it =( So, no choice, Thai durian then. About Thai durians, I've only tried it a few times when I was a younger, and from memory, they don't taste very good and it often has very huge flesh inside, hence a bit too much to even have 2 seeds of them. But heck, I MUST hav durians. LOL. So, here it is:

Frozen Durian (without seeds btw), $5.29

This is how they look like

As u can c, the durian has been wrapped and it doesn't look very appetizing... Neway, I have let it thaw by sitting on the table a few hours b4 I eat it.

the durian after I opened the wrapper

ooOOoo, I have had one bite b4 taking the last pic... so the edge of the durian I'm holding might probably look gross. Haha. Neway, they just stack 2 seeds, I think, and wrap them into 1. Therefore, tts very meaty esp since they have removed the durian's seeds. HOW do they taste like? Well, I can only say my memory did not fail me. However, I did feel blissful to be able to eat it here since I have been craving for it for the past month. And... because its so meaty, I only had 1 and left another one in the fridge (not freezer as I was thinking tt I don't have to unfreeze it again the next morning.) When I wanna eat it the next day, the durian bcome a bit watery and there IS actually some "water" in the tupperware and when i eat it, it tasted a little bit sour... I ate some and throw the rest... (I should have put them in freezer!)

I'm not sure I gonna buy this Thai frozen durians again as its inferior quality (comparatively) makes me miss the fresh Malaysian durians even more. Nonetheless, I probably will try the frozen D24 if I c it next time.



tigerfish said...

I was so durian-deprived in the US that when I saw some Thai durian (also frozen, and seedless like what you have shown) in the Asian (Viet) grocery store, I grabbed 3 packs all at once!!! Hahahah...
You should be feeling lucky to be able to see D24. Hopefully they will re-stock again. Now you know why I got 3packs at one go :p ...ahahah
Found you at Cooking Ninja.

lilian @ best recipes said...

Aww..I just had durian again today. This must be the longest season cos it never seems to end.

IronEaters said...

hi tigerfish.I can understand ur deprivation... yea, I feel lucky that Melb has D24.I hope I can eat them soon,tt will make me feel *greedy me*

hi Lilian. awwww...really?!? too bad I choose not to go back this winter =(

germmm said...

ooh just had to leave a comment :P the D24 is quite good, i must say (though a lil tad bit too pricey). definitely works in satisfying your 'durian' needs :D

DP said...

I was told that D24 is no longer popular in Australia. May be due to bad experience from previous supplier. Now importer is looking for D169 Aka Musang King but only willing to pay for price of D24. For your info, Musang King is one of the most expensive durian in Malaysia. How can this be possible? Cheers!!