Monday, 16 July 2007

Chinese pork dumplings ( Glutinous rice dumplings)

Another recent craving (for my durian craving's post, pls scroll down) is the Chinese Rice Dumplings, when my mum told me that she has made some for our family last month (during Dragon Boat Festival ). Its our family tradition to make those every year during this festival ( I will post up some food pics taken by Alf from my home back in Malaysia ~ thats his mission btw, given by me since I dun have the chance to eat them =( Thanks alot Alf!!) Hence, I got myself 2 of those when I saw them at Min Phat (Asian grocery near Victoria Market).

Chinese Rice Dumplings, $2.95 each

These dumplings are traditionally wrapped with bamboo leaves which give them a very unique fragrance and flavours. Now, some people also use other leaves like lotus leaves. The main ingredient is the glutinous rice and the side ingredients normally differ depending on the regions. The side ingredients can be pork,chestnuts, shrimps, chinese sausage, beans, eggs, peanuts and etc. There are several types of those dumplings too ~~ e.g pork dumplings, Nyonya dumplings and a few other types that I'm not very sure of their names.

They look quite yummy rite?

When I bought them, the description on the filling inside it is roughly like this: Pork, Peanuts, Yellow beans and Something something else that I dun remember now. Doesn't it sounds so appealing?

When I open them up, inside only has some yellow beans, a few peanuts and A SLICE OF FAT. Where is my pork?? I actually don't mind that much if they do not hav the mentioned side ingredients in it, if the dumplings itself is nice. However, the glutinous rice is pretty flavourless. NOT NICE at all. Probably is from different supplier because I've tried it b4 from another Asian grocery in the city which the dumplings tasted not bad. Hmm...

Despite of the dissapointment, I have fulfilled my cravings =D *sounds like a pregnant woman eh? LOL*

San always have lots of cravings


The Cooking Ninja said...

I missed my mom's chang :(

IronEaters said...

hi cooking ninja. yea, same here.mum's cookings,to me, always the best!