Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Domino's (delivered)

At last me n MM had our pizzas!

Both of us have been wanting to eat pizza since June... but not until last Sunday that we got ourselves pizzas from Domino's *happy* Why wait til now? We've tried to order pizza online (due to sudden cravings for pizza) for supper at around 11pm something during one of the days last month, but, to our surprise, all of the pizza deliveries (Pizza Hut & Domino's) were closed at that time. I always thought that we can order pizza 24/7, or at least until midnite, from PZ & D. Apparently it is not. Up until now, I'm still not sure what time do PZ & D stop taking orders from phone/online. I should have asked when I called up for pizza delivered last Sunday! Nevermind...

Failing to order pizza that nite had made us crave for it more =D So, Me and MM decided to go Mark's Place (near Melb. Uni.) to have pizza for lunch the following week. Guess wat?? Mark's Place was closed that day for lunch!! Sigh.. our pizza's mission failed aggggainnn... fated i guess. Hahaha. * nothing else to be blamed =D *

Time flies.... and on last Sunday, my crave for pizza came back and I just NEED it. LOL. Since MM was having the craving as well, we ordered them with buy-1-free-1 voucher. I ordered the pizzas at around 7pm *as soon as I realised I want pizza. LOL* as I did not know when they will stop taking order online. I'm sure not as early as 7pm but earlier is better, I thought. I'm determined to eat them yea? hahaha.

Buy 1 Free 1 (large pizza), $17.95

Chicken Monaco(Front) & Meatball Monster (Back)

Chicken Monaco with Domino's Classic Crust

Meatball Monster Pizza with Domino's Thin'n'Crispy

I prefer the thin crust pizza

After devouring them * while watching some Korean series*, I can feel the satisfaction within myself =) We couldn't finish the 2 pizzas,btw, and have left half of each for next day's lunch. Happy.

San n her pizzas


tigerfish said...

I prefer thin crust pizza too so I can eat more filling and less of the crust. I seldom have pizza cravings...but I have hawker food craving all the time. ;p

The Cooking Ninja said...

We always order Domino pizza here :) ... they always have great deals :)