Tuesday, 24 July 2007

White Tomato

Am back in Melbourne!

Went for Korean food with Mad, San and my sister after Phantom of The Opera last Thursday! (For those in Melbourne who have yet to see the production - I say go go go go go because it's beautiful and marvelous and Anthony Warlow sdfksldfjlsd) We didn't have dinner prior to the show and when we finished, it was already pretty late so there were limited choices as to where we could grab a bite. Walking down Bourke Street, we saw that White Tomato was open so we popped in, abandoning our original plan of the much further away Supper Inn.

We ordered three dishes to share among us. And first up is the obligatory and traditional kimchi!

Kimchi ~

I'm not a mega fan of kimchi, so I'll leave it at that. The one in the middle - pickled seaweed - was pretty good.

Nice, red and spicy hot!

The seafood hot-pot with tofu was nice and hot on a very cold night - there were lots of tofu and enough prawns for everyone. My only complaint would be that there were only prawns and octopus - not nearly enough seafood for a self-proclaimed seafood hot-pot. But the sauce admittedly was nice and thick - Sis really enjoyed it.


My favourite would be the Beef Bulgogi. It was wonderful - stir-fried to just the right amount of tenderness and sliced very thinly, so it was a nice mouthful of tasty tender beef. The sauce was pretty well-done, too.

Rice with kimchi bits.

The Kimchi fried rice was a little unusual. At my first bite it was good unusual but towards the end it became only okay unusual when the sauce got a little hot and salty. :P I liked how they fried it with seaweed, that was pretty new to me. Overall a good dish, but a tad too much salt I feel.

Would go back there again to try some other dishes! I do like the feel and atmosphere of the place.

I forgot the exact address for White Tomato and can't seem to find it online, so if anyone can point it out to me, that'll be great. FYI, it is on Bourke Street, nearer to the end of Russell Street intersection, near the National Bank branch on Bourke-Russell. :)

- Mouse


Anonymous said...

out of the 3 dishes at White Tomato, the seafood hot pot & beef bulgogi were not bad. As for the kimchi fried rice,the rice itself is very bland. However, if u accidentally eat only the kimchi, it will b too salty/sour. So, i feel it would hav tasted better if they could slice the kimchi smaller and hence prob mix better with the rice.

Overall, I quite enjoyed my supper here (dinner straightly speaking as we didnt have our dinner b4 Phantom =D)since the restaurant's environment was quite relaxing and the staff were v frendly as well!


IronEaters said...


Yeah, I felt that the kimchi fried rice became less tasty as we ate more of it. But the beef bulgogi I definitely like.

Also I wanna marry the voice of the Phaaantom.