Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Gin Khao Thai Food (#2)

Mostly picture less words post! Went to Gin Khao Thai Food (was reviewed once here) again for pad thai last week as Sis and San had enormous cravings for their pad thai. I was more than happy to go since I just got back to Melbourne but those two crazies had apparently had it two days ago or something. Oh well, if they want to.

Sis and San both had the Seafood and Chicken Pad Thai respectively. I wanted to go for maybe the Soft Shell Crab Curry but seeing the Chiang Mai noodles on the menu, I just could not resist. I love those noodles (and they are cheaper, too. HAHAHA.)! The only new thing we tried were the Son-In-Law Eggs.

Son-In-Law Eggs, cos daughters-in-law don't eat 'em.

The eggs were boiled and layered with fried coating, served with lettuce, mince prawns and tamarind. I really like them! They were yummy and tangy and I just love eggs on the whole. The minced prawn and tamarind mixture were tops.

And the rest of the food, you know we love. :D

My darling Chiang Mai Noooodles! I'm BACK and so are you! *weeps with joy* (that's how much I love it)

San's Chicken Pad Thai with Duck Chicken!

Sis's Seafood Pad Thai with big-ass prawns.

- Mouse


Gin Khao Thai Food
242 Swanston Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9663 3345


Anonymous said...

Wow... I had so many times of Pad Tai in the last few day! Lov Pad Tai... =)


tigerfish said...

Son-in-law eggs in Thai cuisine is new to me, also the Chiang Mai noodles.

I thought the SIL eggs looks like those Sambal Chilli Egg, and the Chiang Mai noodles those deep-fried noodles in seafood gravy ala Cantonese style :D

IronEaters said...


Yeah, it's new to me, too, the Eggs! It sounds more like Chinese kinda thing, but the mince served with the eggs definitely has a flavour of Thai in it. Chiang Mai noodles I wouldn't know but it's pretty darn good. :D



You're turning into a Pad Thai yourself. :D