Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Kimurakan Cafe

Kimurakan is one of my favourite lunching places for Japanese food - their lunch menu is quite extensive and the food is rather good - good value for money and good by itself!

We popped in for lunch a couple of days ago - and all, ALL THREE of us, feeling rather unadventurous and greedy - ordered the Kimurakan Bento ($12.50).



Heck lot of stuff in the bento. There was veggies for a salad, along with fried tofu. That makes up the veggie compartment and I have to say the tofu is rather ordinary fried tofu, nonetheless it all went well together with the veggies.

In the meat compartment there's a crab claw ball (the frozen unauthentic kind from Asian groceries but tasted damn good anyway), a fried pork chop (tonkatsu), fried chicken (tori karage), and a spring roll! Kinda unhealthy, I know (bad Mouse bad) but I really really like the chicken. Like yummmy. The pork is a little dry and tough though.

Seafood compartment consisted of two big prawns and an oyster. The prawns were tangy and meaty and not much comments on the oyster cos I'm not a big fan of. And there's also a gyoza (fried dumpling) to boot in the middle!

And of course, rice. :D

The bento box comes with your choice of Ice Lemon Tea, Coke, Green Tea or Miso Soup.

Pretty good deal. :D

- Mouse


Kimurakan Cafe
238 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000


Anonymous said...

I felt blissful when my Kimurakan bento arrived at the table coz it had so many things inside! chicken, porks, salad, oyster, prawns, dumplings and tofu... WOW

Happy San

tigerfish said...

I thought this is worth the money - quite a spread in the bento!

IronEaters said...


Yeah, it's definitely worth the money! A lot of food and variety in the box. Granted it's not really authentic Japanese but it's good all the same.


Happy San,

You greedy la. :D