Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Mouse Salad for Lunch

I had a supremely healthy lunch today and because it looked pretty, I shall post pictures!

(Despite the subject of post, there ain't no mouse meat or whatever, so relax. :D)

For lunch today, I made salad with sis. I got some gourmet lettuce cheap from Safeway two days ago, along with cherry tomatoes and celery sticks. Also got some herb and mustard turkey breast ham to put a little protein into my salad. :D

Sis felt like boiled eggs in her salad so we boiled a couple of eggs and cut those up into egg slices. I also fried the ham with very little amount of butter just to make it a little more fragrant and hot. Then we found mozzarella cheese in the fridge and decided to dump it all together.

For dressing, we used fat free Italian dressing! Wah, healthy to the max, dude! Wanted to use dijonnaise initially, but Sis thought it'll be healthier with the Italian dressing.

Veggies underneath all the other stuff.

All sorts of colours - it's good to eat colourful food!

Very yummy, very filling and with all the nutritional values! Vitamins galore! I wouldn't mind having this for lunch everyday and I'm not a very "vegetable" kind of person, as those who know me would know (yea yea bad of me, will try to love vegetables to death and all).

- Mouse

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