Friday, 27 July 2007

JWow Wine Bar

JWOW Wine Bar is located at QV, a basement location next to Strike Bowling Bar. Its quite a hidden place as initially I've walked passed it many times and yet did not notice its existence.

The decorum of the bar is influenced by the Asian culture, noted seen in the furniture where it was of the traditional Chinese-styled tables and chairs with silk cushions. Jwow's lightings are low and in general, it presents a comfy ambience. Besides, it is not overly crowded even during weekend (which i like) and also not too noisy(no blasting music altho they have music on the background) which makes conversation easier. As for the wines, the menu has only include some of their extensive wines from their wine library. So, if u wan something that is not on their menu, u can ask their staff about ur request.

For this nite (2 weeks ago and hence i don't remember some of the names of the drinks), we decided to go Jwow as MM n HW never been there b4. Some crunchy nuts (a bit spicy) being served a little while after we were seated. Our drinks:


MM's lychee cocktail (right)

HW's cocktail

Chez ordered some red wine which i forgot the name as well *sigh*. We were served some free yummy garlic breads too as they were trying out new nibble. OOoooo... Btw, my mojito was not bad, altho not the best i've tried and I like MM's lychee cocktail too. *review from The Age is here if u r interested*

A lovely nite out =)

San Wows

JWow Wine Bar (at QV)
243 Little Lonsdale Street
Victoria 3000
Phone: (03) 9663 5986

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