Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Oriental Spoon

Went to Oriental Spoon with the gang last Saturday after an afternoon of hardcore karaoke-ing! :D This is more of a picture post than an actual review post, by the way. Oriental Spoon is one of our favourite places so yes, we do like the food, mostly. :) A bit pricey for dinner though - lunch was more value for money.

First off, the obligatory appetizer picture! Sorry, a bit senget (crooked) but the best one out of ye olde camera.

Taugeh (beansprouts) should, as usual, be shot, buried and dug up again to be hung.

Me, Sis and San ordered two dishes to share since we weren't very hungry. We had the Seafood Soft Tofu Jigae ($16.50) and Beef Bulgogi ($15.90).

No seafood under it either...need magnifying glass to see


Love the beef bulgogi - in fact all bugolgi are my favourite in the Korean cuisine. The seafood jigae was spicy and rich and the tofu yummy, but sadly? There was hardly any seafood save for a few teeny prawns and bits of squid. A bit disappointed - have never really tried this before so I don't know are they usually this kiamsiap (stingy) with their seafood or we just got unlucky.

CC and Turtle ordered a Seafood Jeon ($9.50) to share - one of our favourites, a kind of seafood/spring onion pancake that is really yummy. I would've had it if I wasn't sort of full to begin with.

Yummy pancake!

For her main, CC ordered Den Jang Jigae ($13.50), which was also some seafood thing, I think.

A bit blurry because it was all smoky and steamy when I took it.

Nope, not much seafood for hers either! My conclusion was that they were running out of seafood at 930PM at night. Oh well. That had better be the reason for our meagre seafood anyway.

Turtle had the Stone Bowl (Beef) Bibimbop ($15.90).

Looks appetizing eh?

He finished everything.

Mad had the same thing as Turtle, but in chicken - Stone Bowl Chicken Bibimbop ($15.90).

No difference except for the chicken who kicked the beef.

The bibimbop sauce came separately so you can choose how spicy you want your dish. And no, I have no idea what bibimbop really means - rice in bowl with meat and eggs?! (Okay, that was just lame)

Worth checking out, this place - but I would recommend you start off with the lunch menu, unless you're prepared to splurge for dinner. :) The Korean Barbecue actually looked REALLY good.

- Mouse

P.S. - Picture credits to my dear sister MM - who took almost all the pictures here. :)


Oriental Spoon
254 Latrobe Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9654 9930


crushedguava said...
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crushedguava said...

ah, korean bbq.

i have a very interesting observation about korean bbqs, from a guy's perspective.

i tend to notice that (for a guy) its better to go to korean bbq with a group of guys only, that way, you can just order the meat, and stuff yourself full of meat and rice ;p

if you go with girls however, you tend to spend around the cost of a plate of meat on stuff like, and i'm just taking examples from you, soup and pancakes, and maybe noodles, all of which are good in their own rights, but then you get one plate of meat less for each 'extra' you order heh.

what i'm saying is, although all the extras taste good, and ARE good, i'd just rather stuff myself with meat haha.

but that's just because i like meat. =)

Truffle said...

Those photos are gorgeous! you're making me hungry :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hmmm..... the Stone Bowl Chicken Bibimbop is tempting....

boo_licious said...

I love Korean food too! We're quite lucky as we get a good variety since there's so many Korean expatriates around.

mellie said...

Ooh...I absolutely adore Oriental Spoon as well. You can read about my last visit here.

By the way, "bibimbap" literally translates as "mixed rice", and the stone bowl is a "dolsot". It is one of my favourites.

IronEaters said...

hi crushedguava,LOL. Im not too sure about the guy thing =D i only tried once bbq meat at Seoul Garden (with boys n girls) and we didn't order any side dishes, just meat n rice.mayb next time i will ask my frens(males) how they would order without girls around =D Hope next time i will try the Oriental Spoon's bbq. izit good the bbq there?

hi truffle, thanks.they were yummy!

hi new kid on the blog,the bibimbop looks fabulous yea. i personally not a big fan of bibimbop, but that fren of mine certainly is =)

hi mellie,ooo. thanks for the information =) I like oriental spoon too. I personally think it is one of the better Korean rest in Melbourne CBD.

The Cooking Ninja said...

You have to stop tormenting me with your korean posts :p ... you had me drooling again.

IronEaters said...

hi cooking ninja. hahahhaa. i quite like korean food esp their bulgogi! so, i cant help as well =D