Wednesday, 15 August 2007

To share

Was browsing at Metroblogging Melbourne (credit to them and Zgeek ) and found out about Hungry Jack's 2-4-1 burger deal (there are a few other freebies information on that post but I'm only interested at HJ's. hehe.) So, whats the deal?

When u r at HJ, just say that u want a " 2-4-1 XXX burger" and you will have the 2nd burger for free. How good is that ? =D The story is that HJ ran a promotion a few years back and forgot to put an expiry date to the deal. Btw, there is no need for a voucher in order for this deal to be accepted. It was said that instead of making public announcement about the mistake (of not having an expiry date), HJ decided to just let the promotion run. The condition of the promotion is that it doesn't work in food courts or shopping centres but works at other Melbourne stores. Also, apparently it doesnt work with cheeseburgers but works with other burgers like whopper, double whopper, bacon deluxe, grilled chicken, aussie burger, whopper with cheese and baguettes.

A few places that was confirmed are:
Southern Cross station, RMIT, Swanston st, Russel st/Burke st, Chapel st/malvern rd, Hoddle st, Nepean hwy, Camberwell, Bulleen plaza, Kings way, Elgar rd/Burwood hwy, Whitehorse rd

I have also went to Zgeek's website to read some comments on this HJ's deal topic and have came across a few people that went to try this deal and it really worked for them.

Another thing that I came across from the forum is that you can walk into Mcdonald and tell them you haven't eaten for 3 days and they will give you a free cheeseburger without a question. It is said that this is their policy. I did not know about this b4 but I think its good to give back to the society esp to help the homeless and those really in need.

Back to HJ's deal. For those that wanna giv the deal a try, hope it works on you and enjoy the free burger =)

EDIT: Due to curiousity (with the hope tt I wont b embarrassed =P) , I went to HJ with skepticism, the one opposite RMIT, today to try out the deal and guess wat....? IT WORKED and I came home with 2 grilled chicken burgers for the price of 1 =) All I said was: Hi, can I have a "2-4-1" grilled chicken burger? and the staff,without saying anything, just shouted to the kitchen and said "2 grilled chicken burgers"! HeHe.

It also worked with the one at Bourke St. and i found out that for some burgers like whopper and double whoppers, u will need to add a bit more $$. eg to get a "2-4-1" whopper, u need to add 40 cents more while for double whoppers u need to add an extra of $1.55. but, still worth it I think.



mouse said...

Hmm, I wouldn't know it actually. Never tried it and guess won't be trying it in near future know...HEALTH THINGIE...*sobs the poor loh chee*

Oh, I thought you meant 241 burgers just now and I was like WHOA.

crushedguava said...

sounds good.

but i'm too scared to try haha.

are You going to try it anytime soon?

IronEaters said...

mouse,eh..who jt had KFC?? LOL. yea,i don't eat HJ,Mcd or KFC often too. but once in while i guess whether is for convenience,their speedy service or even pure pleasure, I would hav them =D

hi crushedguava, me too! hahahaa. I afraid I will embarrass myself too =P but i might giv it a go when i crave for HJ's grilled chicken burger...


thanh7580 said...

I'm going to try it. I wonder if it will work for my local store or if I will just look like a fool? Anyway, a little humiliation is worth a try for a free burger.

By the way, I finally got round to updating my links and have added you guys to the list as I actually read your blog personally. Keep up the good work.

IronEaters said...

hi thanh7580,giv it a try! i think it prob will work *fingers crossed*. and thanks for the link. u hav a fabulous blog there!

Hungry Hamster said...

Hey! I tried it!!! and it worked!! None of my friends believed me and they ran away cuz they were sure I would embarrass myself. But it worked! I bought 2 whopper for 4.35! Thanks :)

Jandle said...

Hi all, yes it does work. and yeah not with cheeseburgers. All my mates and i went there last night adn drunkely gave it a go. The staff do it without a fuss mainly cause they would be trying to keep the rest of the customers from hearing it. Never will I pay for just one burger ever again. lol :D

rixy said...

I tried it last night and it didn't work! Being drunk I wasn't embarrassed to argue with the dude behind the counter and he assured me that you can't get the deal without a voucher. This was at HJ's corner Chapel & Malvern. I'm not going to give up though ... will try it again soon!

Anonymous said...


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