Monday, 13 August 2007

The Camels Hump

We found a new place for desserts! ^.^

The Camels Hump - and it's without an apostrophe.

The Camels Hump is a very very VERY nice cafe/dessert/coffee place that just opened up about three months ago. We found the place with the recommendation of Sis's friends, and trooped down there last Friday for coffee and cakes when Sis had craving. Sis is having cravings like every second of every minute of every hour of every day, I'm beginning to think maybe she's pregnant (no, just kidding).

The first thing we immediately liked was the decor of the place! Camel Hump is decorated very very nicely indeed - with pretty rattan chairs, soft couches, tables with nice tableclothes and discreet camel-themed stuff here and there. Each table was an individual booth, so there's privacy for each party. We took pictures, but didn't come out really well as it was pretty dark in there.

It's VERY nice and pretty, trust me.

We were served with cute and very delicious white/milk/dark chocolate covered coffee beans/raisins upon arrival.

I am a chocolate addict so I ate most of that HAH.

Sis had an Ice Chocolate ($7.00). Me and San shared a pot of Costa Rica ($8.00) coffee, which was supposedly a very special exotic blend.

Ice Cold Chocolate!

Check out the totally adorable teacups!! I wanna buy them!!

Sis thought her drink was good enough but nothing stellar. It wasn't diluted, there's enough taste and it's a NICE ice chocolate but not spectacular. As for our coffee, I really love the aroma of it - it was beautifully aromatic and fresh. Unfortunately, I think there wasn't enough oomph to it, as I think it wasn't thick enough. There wasn't enough COFFEE in the whole thing, but it was a very good blend indeed. San likes her coffee weaker, so she thought it was really nice and fragrant, but yes, I'm anal and griping about the COFFEE-ness of it.

Ordered two cakes to share, first up, Chocolate Wedge ($5.50) - with the description of it being a rich, dark flourless chocolate cake with a hint of cognac, and it's served with your choice of ice-cream or cream. By the way, we ordered the slim slice, a bigger slice is available for $7.00.

Super super chocolate-y and yummy and pretty.

WOW. I really love it, and the girls agreed with me. The chocolate was thick and full and loaded without being overloaded. The texture was rich and gorgeous and each bite just literally melted in my mouth. Even more so with the vanilla ice-cream! Yummy indeed.

Baked Cheesecake ($5.50) was our second choice - baked lemon cheesecake powdered in icing sugar.

I'm a huge fan of cheesecakes and am rather picky about them - and this cheesecake gets an A+ from me. It's so delightfully cheesy yet light at the same time, with gentle lemon overtones and great fluffy, cheesy texture. Definitely a great cheesecake!

It's cheese and cake and I am a Mouse therefore I love cheesecake.

I apologise for the less than stellar pics - it was quite hard as it was dark and I didn't fancy flash pictures. We sat there chatting and playing cards till late - it really was a superb environment for a quiet girls' night out. And the service was really nice too, the people there were friendly, polite and attentive. I really like it there, so do the girls, and we'll definitely be there soon.

In fact, I really do recommend this place for a nice, quiet night out, especially if you're looking to catch up with a long chat. Great place for it.

- Mouse

EDIT: Camels Hump only opens on Thursday to Sunday, from 8pm till late.

The Camels Hump
531 Nicholson Street
North Carlton 3054
Phone: (03) 9348 0979


Truffle said...

Sounds fabulous! I'd never heard of it before so thanks for reviewing it. Can't wait to try it myself :)

babe_kl said...

gosh those cups so pretty, i likey!

durianberry said...

Chocolate wedge sounds so good! I like chocolaty dessert infused with alcohol :P

IronEaters said...

hi truffle.yea, it is a nice hidden place and just giv some mystery vibes when u first step in which prob due to the v low lightings as well as the private-booth settings.

hi babe_kl, they are indeed! =)

durianberry, the flourless chocolate cake is delicious.its thick n eating with the ice-cream is just heavenly.


Ginger said...

oooohh.. im drooling over the cheesecake!!

vkeong said...

I'm a chocolate lover too!!

Mel. said...

I literally live just around the corner, and saw this place while it was being renovated, but didn't think much of it. Glad to know I can now get my dessert fix, say, coming Thursday evening!

IronEaters said...

hi ginger.I liked it too but mouse n MM were loving it =)

hi vkeong, they r just hard to resist, aren't they?

mel, really? oo, thats great =D i really like the ambience there!


East Meets West Kitchen said...

Yum! All the desserts looked wonderful! :)

IronEaters said...

hi east meets west kitchen, they are, aren't they! cheesecake, iced-chocolate... those are hard to resist!

.+ shopaholic +. said...

I've been craving for a good dessert place (esp cheesecake - yum!) So will definitely bookmark this to try.

Wonder what the place serves as on the days that it's not open? hmmm...

IronEaters said...

yea..same here. jt lov a place where it can offer u a nice n relax ambience + decent desserts. the owners said this is just their part time jobs. they do hav other jobs during the day....

Anonymous said...

Looks FANtastic!!!

Anonymous said...

We went, we saw, we ate.. thanks IronEaters.. what a great place.!

Yomil said...

Just a comment regarding the coffee lacking "oomph".

I have found that you need to let the coffee sit for a little while before you drink it.

A good timing method is ordering a tea and a coffee at the same time.

Drink the tea after a little conversation then start on the coffee after you have sipped the tea and chatted a while.

Don't do it the other way around though... the tea tends to get bitter if you wait long enough for the coffee to be just right.