Saturday, 11 August 2007

Il Dolce Freddo

Durian + Mango, $4.00

Went to Freddo last weekend, around 5pm, when it had just reopened after closing for a period of time. We all have been missing it, esp MM and JK who have been talking and talking about going to Freddo! Thus here we are =D Altho we were all still quite full due to a late lunch at Nasi Lemak House, obviousy we not gonna let that stop us! lol.

Freddo has been very popular with its DURIAN ice-cream and since I LOVE durian so much, so durian ice-cream I gonna have + mango. But but but... this time the durian ice-cream not as tasty, the flavours wasn't strong enuff as compared to previously. Jk felt the same too=( What happens?! Hmmmm... ok, I hope this will only be a one-off thing as I always like the durian ice-cream there coz it's like a substitution for me for not able to have the fresh durians (in Malaysia).

Ample flavours to choose from

Fruit flavours

Still remember when Freddo just opened in 2002, it only has a few choices. But now it offers so many different flavours that your brain sometimes just dunno which one should u pick =)

Yea, the durian ice-cream is v popular! and the staff said they have another big tub to replace it =)

Mouse's Freddo's surprise + Macademia, $4.00

After we had satisfied our ice-cream cravings, it just feel so good (despite the durian was a bit dissapointing)! and oOOoo.... MM and I had also each taken away a small tub of ice-cream. Hehe.

Durian San

Il Dolce Freddo
116 Lygon Street,
Phone: (03) 9639 3344


The Cooking Ninja said...

mmm...yum yum. My other half and I had ice cream craving the other day and each bought a big ice cream cone. Happy licking away till guilt hit us hard and we felt like 2 little greedy pigs. So that's end of our enjoyment.

lasilasi said...

greeeat website!!! how i know where to get my durian cure n nasilemak, nasi kelantan, patay etc!!

Truffle said...

You certainly were spoiled for choice! Looks amazing.

Alfred said...

I've got to agree that the taste has faded. No matter how little, the difference can't escape my ironTongue.

Serenity Later said...

Oh my goodness i love the choice of flavours from this joint! When I'm in town I usually have the durian with mango and pandan (or coconut)! I've never had actual durian fruit though, so i don't know how close to the real deal this stuff is meant to be. If its not as good maybe i didn't have a real durian experience? hmmm.

tigerfish said...

Durian? Will it put some customers off, such as the local Aussie?
I love durian AND durian ice cream, even durian puffs.

IronEaters said...

hi cooking ninja,=D but its almost a bit sad hearing u say "thats the end of our enjoyment".

hi lasilasi, thanks.yea, nasi lemak n all other mamak food is our comfort food esp in oversea!

hi truffle,hehe.I totally agree =D

hi alf, i agree with ur IronTongue. Haha.

hi serenity later,OO I LOVE their pandan too! n about the durian ice-cream, did feel not as flavourful n i fervently hope this is just a one-off event =P

hi tigerfish, it does not seem so to me coz its a v popular Italian ice-cream shop either for the locals or international students. n bsides when u walk into their shop, u can barely smell any durian's aroma/stink (perhaps good ventilation? lol. So i guess thats the reason those that cant stand durian still able to walk in and buy other flavours =D


vkeong said...

Emm.. they really put the durian's skin with the ice cream? lol. The flavors sure are a lot.. more than baskin/haagen!

IronEaters said...

hi vkong, indeed! for other fruits flavours too, they will put some parts of the fruits there. i think it enhances the "visual effect" and makes them look more delicious =)


Junkgirl said...

Your photos were so tempting that I decided to drive all the way there just to get gelato. The durian flavour turned out to be very nice..

IronEaters said...

hi junkgirl.hahahaha. really? glad u enjoyed the ice-cream! i always do enjoy the ice-creams there myself =)


IronEaters said...

n junkgirl, i forgot to mention in my previous msg... durian rocks!lol. jt wanna say tt =D


kein said...

hey, came across your entry while looking for info on Freddo.

Great pics! : )