Friday, 10 August 2007

Nasi Lemak House

Here's the promised post on a better laksa - in our opinion anyway.

Headed over to Nasi Lemak House on Sunday after a meeting, I forgot who had a craving but someone did anyway. Nasi Lemak House is not one of my favourite places if only I couldn't really stand the service there, especially the attitude of the Mrs.Boss. But undeniable though, the food there IS kinda good.

Small and hidden but very popular.

Anyway, San had a Laksa since she wasn't satisfied with hers from Laksa Me on Friday.

Laksa View #1.

Laksa View #2 Close Up.

Definitely a thumbs up from San - hot, spicy and full of flavours! It was enough spice and enough taste, and lots of ingredients, generous amount of chicken and tofu, an essential in San Laksa. A well-rounded dish in general. She was very satisfied with her laksa noodles and slurped that up within minutes. Yeah, she was hungry to begin with, we all were. :D

JK had the Nasi Goreng Pattaya with the level Spicy.

Pattaya with egg.

Can you see the chili on the rice? (No I can't either)

I had a mouthful of that and let me say, as delicious as that was, it really was VERY VERY spicy! I can feel my tongue burn but then again, I'm never really good with hot and spicy food. The dish is a favourite of JK's so he really enjoyed that, especially with the egg topping the rice. Next time round, says he, he's gonna up that to EXTRA spicy. I'll be sure to report smoke coming out of his ears.

Sis aka MM had the Nasi Lemak Kelantan.

The chicken is from Kelantan, maybe?

There was a giant chicken drumstick for her to enjoy, much to her delight. In her own words, "It was good. I like it." Yeah, not so much with imaginative words, darling sister of mine. Haha. Anyway, she loved it. Didn't fall short of her expectations. She would prefer if the fried drumstick was without the curry sauce but it was great all the same, no complaints.

Me the Mouse had the Nasi Lemak Langkawai and I don't know what crack I was on to order that, that was super spicy.

The squid was fished from the Langkawi waters.

The fried calamari was yummy ~ I really like their batter. It wasn't just batter, I think it was spiced with something, as it was really different to other fried stuff batter. It's good nasi lemak but a little too hot for me (although my fault for ordering I KNOOOW) and I ditched all the sambal. Hahaha. Also, I thought the nasi lemak (as in the flavour of the rice) that day was a little lacking but all the same, it was still satisfying.

Really a good place to go to satisfy nasi lemak cravings, me feels. Although you really have to have patience to deal with Mrs.Boss, she blows hot and cold and in a word to describe her, she's just plain weird. But at least her food's not weird. :P

- Mousie


Nasi Lemak House
113 Grattan Street
Carlton 3053
Phone: (03) 9663 1555


crushedguava said...

"Mrs.Boss, she blows hot and cold"

Very true!

I like the fact that you can order a drumstick for $2.20 there.

Anonymous said... asked me to come post are the lamest...lalala...

and this music is no good...tsk tsk...lemme change

The Cooking Ninja said...

The food sure looks good like they should taste. I so envy you to be able to have laksa and Nasi Lemak. I have to tell this to a M'sian friend of mine who works and lives in Melbourne now.

Shirley Khor said...

OMG! Those dishes make me really craving for M'sian food >.< U'r so evil...*drooling* I love spicy food and nasi lemak is always on the list of my favourite food :P

The name 'Nasi Lemak Langkawi' attracted me...Cos Im from Langkawi and I grew up there :)

frost said...

Wow. Look so delish! How much are the meals there?

I've never been there before.

tigerfish said...

Looks good, Don't think can get such authentic Malaysian food around where I'm staying. :(

IronEaters said...

hi crushedguava,I didn't know that i can order extra drumstick at $2.2 b4 i order my laksa! I was told by my frens only after I was served with my laksa. if i knew, i would hav added that to my already-a-lot-of-stuff laksa =D

hi anon.MM, u lame n i shall ignore ur

cooking ninja, hi.yea,the quality of the food is quite good esp. considering that here is not Malaysia/Singapore =)

hi shirley khor,now looking at the pics,I suddenly hav cravings,too!, for their mee goreng and char kuey teow (i hav yet to try those 2 at this restaurant) coz i saw ONE customer ordered these 2 the other day =D and they looked de-li-cioussssss! about Langkawi Island, I always wanna go there but don't have the opportunity yet...

hi frost. The meals there all around $9/$10. You should giv it ago =)

hi tigerfish. ic.. *pats* its hard yea esp. in oversea where sometimes u will just miss home country's food.hope soon there will b some malaysian/singaporean rest tt offer better mamak food in California!


Rasa Malaysia said...

Sorry to say that, but the food doesn't look that authentic at all, especially the laksa (called curry mee in Penang). Cracker on top of the curry laksa? ;)

Anonymous said...

The Laksa tasted really good like IronEaters mentioned. He seemed to have visited there after being truly recommended by someone looking from the choice of his orders.

My personal favourites in no particular order are:

Laksa - Medium
Mee Goreng - Spicy
Wat Dan Hor - get green chilli!
Nasi Lemak Kelantan
Fried Kuay Teo - Spicy
Ban Mien - soup
Ban Mien - dry - spicy
Nasi Lemak Goreng Pattaya - Medium

Hope my recommendation helps!

Shakireen said...

any idea if the food there is Halal?

Anonymous said...

Yup, its halal! they even got a certificate for it on the wall