Thursday, 9 August 2007

Laksa Me (# 2) for Lunch

This time for lunch, we don't have any particular place that we wanted to go and hence after having a "brainstorming" among the 3 of us, Laksa me it is since it is situated near from where we stay and MM has never been there. Me and Mouse have tried the food there once, (HERE is the first review) and I was pretty disappointed with the main attraction there ~ laksa (but entree & desserts were good). However, I have decided to give it a 2nd try as perhaps my first visit, I brought with myself too high expectations since Laksa Me got several glowing reviews from other food bloggers.

We arrived a little earlier (it opens at 12pm btw) and hence have walked into Laksa Me as soon as it opened. It didn't take too long and suddenly the whole restaurant was almost full! This place is quite popular, esp with the pppl working near it.

Here is Laksa Me with its floor, which has some chinese characters and sayings.


We have ordered an entree to share:

Pandan Chicken,$7.00



Actually in the menu, this entree comes in 2 pcs, but we request it to come in 3 since there were 3 of us (I have read it in a review that we can request how many pcs of entree we would like to have). These pandan chicken are FRAGRANT and very flavourful! Really like this entree. Since there were only 3, so each of us can have only one =( Therefore, our complaint is its too small, almost only 1 bite to finish it off =P

OK, now its our main.

Mouse's noodle $11.90

Quite a bit of burnt noodles

Have sadly forgotten the name of the noodle and Mouse was dumb (Mouse herself wanna put this in) to misplace the receipt. This Thai-styled noodle is just delectable, with the just right amount of sauce and generous amount of well- marinated chicken. We were told that this is also in the laksa category. If I will go back again, I will order this dish =) The only thing is the noodle has quite some burnt bits and hence Mouse has to pick them all up (cos Mouse is anal like that).

MM's mum's laksa, $9.00

MM feels that the soup was OK, perhaps it could use a little more salt. She thought the noodle was over-cooked and was broken into pieces once she tried to pick them up with her chopsticks. Generally she didnt enjoy it and was very unhappy with the fact that there was nothing in the laksa except 2 small prawns n 2 (or 3) thin slices of char siu (roasted meat) while there was lots of (soggy) noodle. Besides, there is no tofu in sight too! *sigh* I personally also feel that besides the noodle, the ingredients (prawns n meats) accompanying it were pathetically too little. I had mum's laksa (here for my laksa's picture) as well when I first went and I definitely had more ingredients (prawn,tofu n meat) than MM's. Poor MM.

My Laksa Lemak (lemak means oily in Malay), $10.00

My laksa's broth was similar to MM, just that it was slightly thicker and was well seasoned. It was not bad and definitely had more stuff than MM's besides the noodles. There were TOFU, egg, fish ball, beans sprout and fish cakes. However, although I can taste there were lots of spices used in the laksa soup, still the unique laksa smell/taste does not come through. It just somehow miss some flavours of laksa. Having said all these, for I have tasted both Laksa Lemak and Mum's Laksa, I would say I prefer Laksa Lemak because the broth was slightly thicker.

After our mains, time for dessert:

Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice)

This time we ordered the cold version of pulut hitam. It was good and we enjoyed it.

STILL not thoroughly satisfied with the laksa. We love the entree and desserts but the mains just weren't oomph enough. Argh. Anyway, the coming up review will feature a laksa that I think is definitely more superior. :P

Laksa San

Laksa Me
Shop 1, Liverpool Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9639 9885


Ginger said...

Sorry to hear that you do not enjoy your meal in Laksa Me. I have never been there cos i know that it will never be as good as the ones in Kl, with the missing cockles and etc.

My mom came here last March and she ate laksa(her all time fav) at 3 diff places in Melb and none of them is good!

The best laksa is still the one back home~

.+ shopaholic +. said...

Was going to go to Laksa Me sometime next week to try it out, since a few foodies have sung high praises about it. A little bit skeptical now, but will still try it I guess.

The dessert looks yummy!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hmm. The photos sure make the laksa look yummy. But I'm salivating over the black glutinous rice! :P

ilingc said...

Mouse's noodles looks nice, reminds me a bit of the dried curry noodles back in Malaysia. =)

I have been wondering about Laksa Me since as you said a fair few bloggers have been there and gave them the thumbs up.

I wish I could tell you where to find decent curry laksa in Melbourne, but unfortunately I can't. The few places that I do go to only makes so-so curry laksas. Nothing really to rave about but good enough to satisfy a craving. =\

IronEaters said...

hi ginger.I know =( and i agree the best is still in back home.

hi shopaholic,yea, i think all (yea, all) the reviews i hav came across love the laksa there. but to me, somehow the laksa jt miss something...can't wait to read ur review about it =)

hi wandering chopstick, the pulut hitam is good, either hot n cold =D

ilingc, if i go back, i will definitely hav hers! i agree that the laksa (those tt i have tried) in Melbourne are good enuff to satisfy our cravings and can't really b compared to those from bach home. In regardless, i do feel lucky and happy that i am able to hav those pretty decent mamak food in Melbourne =D


Hungry Hamster said...

I totally agree with you with your Mum's Laksa comment. I had the same thing and the noodles were way too soggy. Some vegies in the Laksa would have been nice too.

Maybe I shall write about my experience too :)

Paul said...

Hey nice blog, I've heard quite a few things about Laksa Me, I'm really hoping to get there soon. I just went to Laksa King a few weeks back, have you been? Anyway, I'm putting together the Ultimate laksa Guide, so if there's anything you wanna add, please do! Check it out right here!