Saturday, 16 June 2007

Laksa Me

Laksa Me (Malaysian-fusion restaurant) has been catching San's eye as of late, with glowing reviews in Tummy Rumbles, A Few Of My Favourite Things and etc company, including the Age. We trooped down there to try it two weeks ago (and I am blogging it now because? I am sick. Sick, mind you. Not lazy. :D) for a lunch, when I needed a break from staring at my books.

We arrived there nice and early, in fact, we were the first customers for lunch!! Talk about greedy!

To start off with, we ordered drinks, of course. And I will put a picture of the green tea this post, not because it is Laksa Green Tea, it's normal green tea but I just feel like it, so hah. San had Little Creatures' Pale Ale to go with her anticipated spicy food.

My friend is an alcoholic, bwahahaha.

And I am a green-tea-holic. Not as bad cos that doesn't require rehab.

We ordered the Vegetarian Triangle ($6.80) to share, since it has been recommended by many food bloggers. (By the way, I was joking about San being an alcoholic, just in case people thought I am serious :D)

Sooo appetizingly yummy looking!

It did not disappoint, I really liked it! The covering was super crispy and there's enough filling in there - combination of veggies - to make the triangles very tasty. The sweet sauce (kecap manis?) served with it also added to the taste, making it yummy indeed.

San had the much-touted My Mum's Laksa ($9.50).

MY mum doesn't know how to make laksa, FYI.

San demanded this picture be blogged. Still the Mum's Laksa.

In her own words, much to her disappointment, she didn't feel that it lived up to expectations (and she had very high ones indeed). She thought it was just mediocre and not very fragrant. The spiciness to her, was a bit overbearing as she can taste the spiciness alone without the combination of the laksa soup (althought she didn't find it to be extremely hot). Chilli Padi did a better job, she recalled.

I had the Cheong-Fun with Fish Dumplings and Fried Pork Crackling ($10.00).

Don't ever say that backwards (Cheong-Fun) in Chinatown, unless you have a penchant for getting kicked.

First of all, the chef made his own Cheong-Fun rather than buying it off Chinatown stores, which earns a point in my book. However, it was all falling apart when it was served to me, hence it didn't look like Cheong-Fun anymore, more like thick rice noodles. There was fish cakes and fish balls along with bits of fried pork with it, which made it very fragrant combination. I have to say that the fried pork, fish and noodles went very well together as a whole, but something's missing in the broth. It's too coconut-y in my opinion and it could be spicier (as in more spices). More spices will add to its fragrance and taste, definitely. I did like it, but I thought it could be better.

Dessert was not stated on the menu, luckily we had the sense to ask the waiter whether there is dessert served. :P (Yeah, we were greedy and hungry). So if you want dessert, just ask the waiter! Desserts were all freshly made from scratch by the chef, hence it took a little while to come.

San picked the Pulut Hitam ($8.00).

Hitam and Orange.

It was very aromatic, we can already smell the coconut and pulut hitam even before it was set down before San. She tucked in with gusto and she really liked it - the sweetened coconut milk really mixed well with the pulut hitam. Pulut hitam, by the way is glutinous rice, also a Malaysian-esque favourite.

I picked the Tang Yuan (Tong Yuen) ($8.00).

Four is actually a lot, even if doesn't look so.

Yum, freshly made and none of those frozen Chinatown stuff. Tang yuan is a Chinese dessert made of floury dough with filling inside - traditionally red bean paste but there has been variations of black sesame and peanut. The one above was red bean filling. I love it - San reckoned there wasn't enough ginger in the soup but as I am not a big fan of ginger, I wasn't complaining. The tang yuan was tangy and nice, and the chef was generous with the filling. Yummy!

Overall - we found Laksa Me to be average on its mains, if only because we had read so many glowing reviews and went there with very high expectations. Too high, maybe. I should add here that I am from Penang (Island), Malaysia, the place of Mother of Hawker Food/Hawker Heaven hence I am VERY picky over hawker food. Very VERY very, I'm elitist and snobby like that. San has been to Penang and had our Penang laksa plus Malaysian laksa back in her own hometown, so I guess we're just extremely picky about finding laksa that is authentic. I guess it's not easy to get it here in Melbourne.

By the way, if anyone has any idea where I can get Penang-like Char Koay Teow in Melbourne, PLEASE tell me. I've been searching for five whole years and while there's good Char Koay Teow I've come across, none of them are PENANG Char Koay Teow. :(

- Picky Mouse


Laksa Me
Shop 1, Liverpool Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9639 9885


IronEaters said...

yea..San is dissapointed as the broth did not taste very "laksa", not very aromatic. I know this is Melbourne, but my memory just cant help but instantly compare this to my previous laksa experiences(here and mostly Malaysia)

however, the vege triangle and the glutinous rice are gorgeous.


The Cooking Ninja said...

wah you are so lucky - can eat laksa. I have been craving for laksa for the past year ... then I returned to Singapore for a short visit and forgot to eat laksa because I was too busy stuffing myself with char koay teow and lots of other stuff so now I'm still having laksa craving. :(

Anonymous said...

the vegetarian triangles look yummy! =D

cin said...

i'm so surprised that Chilli Padi does it better!

have you tried Penang Coffee House in Hawthorn for kuay teow?

IronEaters said...

cooking ninja,hehe..yea.maybe u can cook some up to satisfy your cravings? =) but probably we will feel the best (in this case its true!) its still in back home which in my case is Malaysia! =P

cin, yea, thats what I thought when I was eating it.But I've only tried once at Laksa me.I probably will go back again as maybe the first time I went, I brought with me too high of expectations. And yea I also heard that Penang Coffee House serves quite decent Malaysian food there. Thanks for the information =) Hope will go there soon!


Anonymous said...

hmmm i also suprise you think chili padi laksa is better,maybe because you prefer 10 spoons of MSG in laksa yeah?!.

IronEaters said...

hi anon. In memory, it seems so. I didn't remember I feel v thirsty or complaining tt chilli padi's laksa having lots of MSG.I did enjoy the laksa at chilli padi altho haven't been there lately. And for the laksa i had at "Laksa Me" that day wasn't very authentic to me and the broth wasn't fragrant n thick enuff. Having said that, the entree n desserts were good! I most likely will go back though to try the laksa again...