Sunday, 19 August 2007

Original Thai

Okay, let's see if I can type a coherent post in a record time of 15 minutes (about the time I have before going out to dinner)! Just because there are a couple of food posts piling up and I really want to get things up and running before we get backlogged. :(

Anyway! The girls went to Original Thai on Lygon last Monday - planned to have Korean but the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed (story of our lives, WHY). So we stumbled around Lygon Street and randomly barged into a restaurant after one of us suggested Thai. The interior of Original Thai is pretty nice, me thinks.

Pretty Elephant candle!

We were pretty hungry, so we ordered quite some stuff to munch on. First up we had the Mixed Entree ($13.90) which consisted of two Thai fishcakes, two spring rolls, two prawn rolls and two curry puffs.

Food in a boat!

An artistic shot by Sis.

Everything was pretty good but nothing exceptional or out of ordinary - except the Thai fishcakes in which me and San REALLY liked. Sis felt that it was too "herby/lemon-grassy" for her taste though, but I really like it. It was tangy and spicy and really yummy! The prawn spring rolls were actually whole prawns wrapped and fried in pastry - it tasted quite nice. :)

Everyone wanted Tom Yum, so we ordered a Prawn Tom Yum Soup ($15.90) to share.

Hot and spicy looking - check out that huge ass chili.

Delish! There were a total of nine prawns - VERY generous! And lots of mushrooms and tomatoes to round of the dish. I really like it and so do the girls. The soup was spicy and sour and I think it's really good and authentic tom yum. Recommended indeed, especially nice on a cold winter's day.

I really wanted a curry, preferably green, but the girls opted for red curry as we sort of ALWAYS had green curry, so we had the Chicken Red Curry ($11.90).

Nice little pot of curry.

Obligatory close-up of the yummies.

Like this one as well, coconut-y enough and curry-ish enough. Plenty of chicken to go around. It's not too hot which suits me fine but Sis and San would prefer it to be hotter, definitely. Those two are like some Chili Spicy Queens or something, where else I'm the Spicy Chicken. Not literally a chicken, yeah.

For our other fish, we had the Beef Pad Prig Gang ($11.90).

Spicy beef and rose carrot.

Wow, this one definitely suited San! It was REALLY spicy me thinks. I do like it but I had to have lke two glasses of water to go with it. The sauce was sharp and spicy with nice basil overtones. Also I like the beans stir-fried with the fish, that was in our dose of veggies! I would have preferred the beef to be a little more tender, but nothing to really complain about.

Definitely one of the more successful Thai restaurants! And we're happy with the location too, which is a lot nearer than our favourite Thai restaurant. Hahaha. Will go back there with the other guys, some other time!

And oh, post-script, my parents are here for the week (YAY YAY) so I will be eating out quite a bit and hopefully will have a lot of posts. At the same time I am in a dilemma cos I won't have time to blog as much and I really DON'T like to backlog. HOOOW.

I'll sort this out myself.../rambly - enjoy reading the Thai restaurant post. Ignore me, really. :D AND I finished this post in 15 minutes! Yay! Although I'll admit that I cheated cos the photos were edited before then.

- Mouse


Original Thai
122 Lygon Street
Carlton South 3053
Phone: (03) 9663 0493


Anonymous said...

the "Beef Pad Prig Gang" was simply good! and thumbs up for the Thai fish cakes as well. Their service was friendly too. Definitely a place worth visiting!


tigerfish said...

Really a MIXED entree, they even have curry puffs in there!

I think the Tom Yum soup back in SE Asia uses straw mushrooms. This Tom Yum soup uses white mushrooms? Anyhow, I always love a bowl of good Tom Yum soup :D

IronEaters said...

yea! i agree. for the mushroom, they use button mushrooms, i guess they wanna incorporate some local food into their Thai food? (but then again its called ORIGINAL Thai, i dunno..) I love to drink Tom Yum either just the soup or with noodle =D

New Kid on the Blog said...

Wow - nice pic... thai food again? This week see lots of thai food postings around... hahahahaha....

Ali-K said...

I haven't had Thai for ages. Your post has inspired me to go find some for dinner tonight

Truffle said...

Sounds like this is worth a try. I'm always in search of good thai food!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Love thai food, and reading your post is making me hungry again!
Have fun with your parents' visit and hope to read more of your good eats soon! :)

mouse said...

Hi new kid on the blog!

Yes, we happened to have a penchant for Thai. There is ANOTHER Thai food post in the works, I'll hold it off for a bit. :P


Hi ali-k,

Hope your search for yummy Thai food went well!


Hi truffle,

Definitely worth a try, give it a go! I reckon it's nicer than its more popular competitor on the block, Ying Tai. :D


Hi east meets west kitchen,

:) Thanks and hope you got some food for the hungry tummy! I am now SO backlogged on food posts after my parents' visit, I'm all @.@ x 100. :(

Anonymous said...

the woman who runs this establishment is a known con artist from new zealand and has come to australia to ply her trade here.Basically a lowly thai prostitute conning people.My advice is dont eat at this restaurant you are putting money into the pocket of a fucking lowlife who given half a chance would sell her grandmother to the chinese for mongolian beef.Go back to thailand you cunt.

mouse said...

Dear Anonymous, thank your for your comment and 'advice', however we do not appreciate vulgarities or your tone. And please do not accuse without proof, it would be great if you have solid proof of what you are talking about so that we may act accordingly. Please watch your language. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for info anon,yes its her i will pass it on to Larry and he can deal with it from here.Your a con bitch and your going down.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what a concern!!!

Parn said...

Hi Anonymous

If you really know her and she is really like what you have said, wouldn't it be better If you actually talking to her directly or perhap this information is incorrect and you have nothing to back it up?

Plus what get me curious is that what did she do to you to make you badly want to accuse someone in the way like that, I am sure that you would be really upset if I talk about your parent or perhap your parent just did not taught you to respect other people.

Anyway I am not here to start never ending arguement, Just want to said that you should really watch what you want to say about other, especially when you have no proved, I have met the owner of the restaurant and she is decent person.