Friday, 11 July 2008

Japanese food at Causeway Bay

Just before I retire for the night, I'll quickly share a few more photos...from a Japanese restaurant in Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣). I must say that it has been a long long time since then and I do not remember where this place was (i.e. name of restaurant/address) :( The place was pretty, the food was pretty (especially the ones on display) and hence I like! The taste...I would say average but they did have some interesting things...and I love the ambience!

We were at a lost when it came to deciding where to go for dinner...given that it was our first/second night there. We strolled along the streets of Causeway Bay and wandered into this plaza (a Wellcome supermarket was nearby I remember) with quite a few restaurants...and the pretty window display of this japanese restaurant caught our attention...girls...:)

THIS is incredibly cute...almost wanted to order it...:P

our booth...

We went for the set dinner at HK$99, which includes entree, main, a drink & dessert...pretty decent, though expensive compared to food at the good old HK cafes.

for entree : tofu salad with black sesame sauce...

What I find interesting about this place (and I haven't come across anywhere else) is their seven colour (or more?) curries. Basically, they have curries of all colours including red, yellow, green, purple, black, orange, brown (etc?).

orange (pumpkin) curry with eel

purple (yam) curry!! (doesn't look that great but interesting taste!)

hmm...looks like I had brown curry?? Why am I so unadventurous?? Isn't the glass pretty?

more pretty glasses

ice cream for dessert

Pretty food makes me happy :D

If any one knows where this place is, feel free to remind me :)

Hui Lau San up next!


SAN said...

Can i go Hong Kong now?

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