Thursday, 10 July 2008

yum cha in HK...

Hi all! This is MM guest blogging :) The owners of this blog have been really busy and do feel bad for neglecting their seeing it is now officially school holidays, I said that I would put up some new posts...mainly pictures of food...coz that's what I like...haha...

Anyway, why Hong Kong? I was there a while ago for a month long elective course and had the good fortune of having great food around me all the time!! I sure miss the cafeteria at Queen Mary Hospital...where, I quote my friend 'serves the best char siu (BBQ pork) in HK!!' :)

my last meal there - some kind of steam rice...not the best choice...but looks good ya? cheap too! I miss HK :(

some one else's meal...roast duck with noodles...the drink was from 7-11 and by the way is really good (my friend's favourite find in HK)

a picture of the char siu, though I am sorry there's not much of in view...not the best for me personally coz I like mine leaner...but my friend's absolute favourite :)

In case you happen to be in HK and would like to taste this fabulous char siu...I must let you know that you DON'T have to go all the way to QM Hospital in Pok Fu Lam...hehe...the cafeteria there is actually '大家樂/Tai Ka Lok' / Cafe de Coral, which is a HK fast food chain and their stores can be found at almost every other block (I would be exaggerating) can't miss the bright yellow signs with the red words on them!

Ok...I digressed. YUMCHA!!

I was there for a month and only went twice...I know...stupid. However, given my limited experience, I have to say that the yumcha in Melbourne is just as good if not better! AND we get the little wheely carts here (apparently only a handful of places in HK still keep the tradition, and one of them is Maxim's Restaurant at some highrise building (maybe hotel?? sorry, forgot where exactly) and that place is expensive) I shall talk about Federal Restaurant where we took more photos of the food (西九龍海庭道18號奧海城二期一樓126-127號舖 : that roughly translates into 'Hoi Ting Road, 18 Olympian City 2, 1F shop 126-127) pictures? :)

ahh...but first, photo of the restaurant...

decor wins sharks fin house (that's my favourite place in Melb) hands down though

extensive chinese!! such impressive names...but not much help with visualing the food...that's the carts are better! :)

the must-have - egg tarts! (not my favourite food in the world, unfortunately)

peanut sweet soup with glutinous rice balls

red bean pancake

eaten glutinous rice - one of my favourite items :)

'siu mai', another yum cha usual for most (but again, not my, I'm picky)

deep fried oysters with eggs?? (something like that) too oily!!

'kun tong gao' - some fancy dumpling...I can't translate this...the owners of this blog may translate in the future :)

'sin chuk kuin' - some kind of meat (pork?) wrapped in beancurd skin (haha...I am having so much trouble thinking what exactly are the ingredients...coz I only eat them...I am not made to write a food blog!)

'siu long bao' = 'little dragon buns'...haha...too literal eh? yummy! I love :) the best 'siu long baos' are still the ones my dad brought home from shanghai...I'll never forget them...if anyone happen to go there, don't miss out! apparently the restaurant is very famous and you have to ask around! (I haven't a clue where it is coz I haven't been there)

some buns...probably custard? looks good anyway (though I don't like must be thinking I don't like most things...)

But...I do love dumplings!! so here are some...I shan't caption each photo because I don't remember what they were exactly...but they were good (not exceptional)

other things...

'zha leong' - definitely better at sharks fin house!!

'lo pak gou' - fried radish cake...yum!


mango pudding! ok I guess...but speaking of mangoes...I will write a 'HUI LAU SAN' post soon!! My FAVOURITE place in HK!! We went almost every night...some rich person should start a franchise here...I would go every day...provided the price is not ridiculously expensive...but probably it will be because this is Melb and mangoes are expensive :(

I still have a couple more photos but blogger won't let me upload them so I guess this brings me to the end of my post!

I think we overdid it ;)

P.S. I must credit my friend for taking all the photos...I was concentrating on eating :)


SAN said...

Hi MM! Thanks for posting those posts here. the food pics are nicely taken and the food def looks delicious! lol, i like the way u blur out the pics =D



IronEaters said...

now looking at this post again, im drooling. really. esp at the oyster with eggs, radish cake, mango pudding,the pic b4 mango pudding. must do yumcha soon

Anonymous said...

I want!! where shall we go?? :)


san said...

haha. so many things to do, M.sing K, go to 100 miles, yum cha. im hungry now. where ah, same old place?? hahaha.

tigerfish said...

Hahaha.....I love Hui Lau Shan too. I will visit at least once when I'm in HK. There is one trip where we went almost everyday and after lunch and dinner!