Friday, 11 July 2008

Hui Lau Shan :)

I am sure any one who has been to HK would know Hui Lau Shan (from now on known as HLS)...and if you love mangoes, it will be your favourite place :) I went almost every day! For me, the combination of mango and coconut is simply ingenious!! And speaking of, there is such a combination at Boost juice (tropical storm?) but nothing beats HLS! (Actually I just had it this morning and it is no where near :P)

Anyway...let's go through some of the things you can find HLS ya? :) A collection of pictures from my month long stay in HK, and frequenting (is there such a word even?) the place with my friends!

'guai leng gou', mango juice (thick, from fresh mangoes!), coconut milk, topped with mango cubes...yum! My favourite 'on-the-go' HLS :)

Speaking of, they have an extensive take-away menu, inlcuding other yummy non-mango drinks...spoilt for choice really. Oh...I have to share this story here! One day, we were waiting for a table in HLS (at Tsim Sha Tsui I think!) and finally a bunch of people left so we started making our way in. A caucasian man was on his way out and as he walked past the counter, he said to one of the ladies (who was working there) 'Thank you very much' I think she didn't know what to say or how to react because I swear, no one in HK would do anything of that sort. So while she looked really puzzled, he continued 'Thank you, that was the BEST dessert I've had in my life' I swear that was exactly what he said, including the 'in my life' bit. I think HLS is great, but I wouldn't go that far ;)

But wait, that was not it :) He then walked past a container with a bunch of straws...those thick ones for drinking pearls/jelly/whatever else (illustrated in the photo above)...held one up and commented 'what is this?!?!' My friend who was walking past said 'that's a straw' He looked at her and said 'thank you', with a smile.

It was just quite funny, to me at least :)

fresh mango & crystal jelly in mango juice, topped with mango ice cream - 2 different views :) a favourite of many of my friends, including a scottish guy who would frown at many of the different HK food we tried to get him to sample - chicken legs & smelly tofu were a couple that left him horrified. But HLS, he loves. His parents were going to visit him in HK after I left so I asked him where would he be bringing his parents to...and he immediately answered 'mango dessert'...hehe...he's cute!

black glutinuous rice & coconut milk with mango pieces & pomelo sacs - this is one of MY favourites because I love everything in it, maybe except for the pomelo

a variety :) the one at the corner of the left-hand side has mango pudding in it, which is also a favourite of many

'yong ji gam lou' - which combines mango and pomelo

fresh fruits in mango juice

fresh fruits with mango ice-cream

fresh fruits + glutinuous balls in your choice of fruit juice (mango and watermelon is my favourite combo :D)

fresh fruits + mango ice-cream in bird's nest dessert

if you can't make up your mind :)

And, if mango is not really your thing...

papaya and almond dessert

bird's nest in coconut

erm...taro maybe? with spicy radish cake (which is yummy!!) plenty of other things!!

HLS is all over the place in HK (except Central!! That was a horrible night because we couldn't find dessert...even KFC ran out of portugese egg tarts...which by the way, according to people, are the one of best around!) You will love it :)


crushedguava said...

I love mango. And coconut. And the fruit platter dessert thingy looks good.

Good to see that this site is up and running again. What happened to you guys? :p

ilingc said...

wow. I'd call that mango heaven! Welcome back to you guys too :)

san said...

mango is one of my fav fruits n looking at those pics, i can only be ...

san said...

hi crushedguava =) what happened to us? lol. just busy. I started to work full time while the mouse is working on her last year of uni.n now MM is having her uni break, so she is happily helping us to update the blog.

IronEaters said...

hi ilingc. thanks =D

Hungry Hamster said...

Wow, this is probably a to die for restaurant for me! I love mangoes!

Tam Ciak said...

This is definitely one of the best desserts shop I have come across and it's great~!!

Was so spoilt with the choices they have on the menu that it took us more than 10 minutes to figure out what we want. Was thinking to order all!!!! Hahaha..

Went to the branch at Fa Yuen St at Mongkok and service was fast too. You could drool just looking at those pictures...

Yummy!!! I missed them arghhh!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm from HK...

You probably have tried more of Hui Lau Shan's dessert than me!

Other good dessert places in Hong Kong include:

Hang Fa Lau
Honeymoon Dessert

For egg tarts, go to Honolulu Cafe (there's one @ Terminal 2 of the HK Airport)...I never understand why people have such high recommendation for Tai Cheong? Just because Chris Patten likes their egg tarts doesn't mean they are the best (Chris Patten probably never tried other egg tarts anyway)