Monday, 14 July 2008

Manchester Lane

Decided to write about something more recent. Too many places we've been to (but to be honest, haven't been as deligently taking photos as before) and happened to click on the Manchester Lane folder first, so this shall be it!

Named after the lane it is situated on, this bar-restaurant is known for its live music. Different bands play all the time (check their website for details) so check ahead to make sure you go on a day when the music suits you :) Damien Leith (Australian Idol 2006) had a gig lined-up there and I do quite like him, but the tickets cost more than 100 bucks :( Usually, there is no entry fee if you dine there...otherwise, it will cost $5-$10 (depending on who's playing) if you are just there for drinks and the music.

Anyway, we were there celebrating CC and Mad's new jobs (thanks girls for the wonderful night :D) It is really quite dim in there so pardon the poor quality of the photos.

Digressing...I remember I was once sitting on the upper tier and it was even dimmer with one flickering candle on the table. I was so annoyed by it and blew it out eventually. Is it just me? I really hate flickering candles...and really, I prefer to be able to see what I am eating. (It was ok though, this time round, because we were sitting very near to the stage...therefore, sometimes the music was a touch too loud)

I do apologise for the ant-like fonts on the photos...they looked so big on PS!! As you gather, I don't use PS much...takes too much time...but hey, it is the holidays! I'll take note when I use PS again in the future.

Let's work our way through starting from the entrees :)

pot of bread $6.50

bread out of the pot

This is easily the most memorable course for me that night. We were all hungry because it was a late dinner, hence CC & Mad placed 2 orders for 'pot of bread'...san & I were saying that the restaurant should serve us bread anyway (as most restaurants do) and how dare they charge $6.50 for each order of bread. However, when it came, the presentation alone won me over (I am easily impressed like that...haha) And oh-so yummy! Crispy crust and so so soft on the inside. I will gladly pay the $6.50 for it :)

Oh...I just found their dinner menu online so I will label the food as accurately as possible! As you can tell, I was totally clueless when I was labelling them with PS...:P

More entrees...

flame-grilled japanese scallops $16.00
with creamed leek & saffron butter crème, with porcini mushroom dust

lemon & aniseed myrtle dusted calamari $15.00
with rocket leaves & sumac lemon aiol

The mains...

roast free range chicken $29.50
roasted field mushroom scented with rosemary & kipfler potato puree finished with café de paris butter & deglazing Jus

crispy skin atlantic salmon fillet $32.00
roasted pumpkin & carrot puree with steamed beans
(whoops! they looked like asparagus to me!) wrapped in parma ham (and that looked like bacon :P) finished with sauce jacqueline

eye fillet of beef $34.00
served on roasted vegetables & slow-braised garlic, with semi-cured vine-ripened tomato & beef jus

roasted high country loin of pork $33.00
with fondant potato, sautéed spinach & caramelised apple

...included the mouth-watering descriptions to make up for the not-so-perfect photos :)...

I had the chicken...the meat was too tough...I reckon that is always the problem with chicken. Sis (aka mouse) thought that the fish was a bit over-cooked. In summary, the mains were quite average, and frankly (in my opinion) a bit pricey for the restaurant...but I guess you would be paying for the entertainment as well. *shrugs*


Some of us had wine, but didn't take a good picture, and I didn't have it so I don't know much about it :P

I had

Funny I used to hate beer. I like pure blonde because it is so light! Another favourite is hoegaarden (on tap). Anyway...other drinks...

Finally... prizes for guessing who ordered this... ~$12.00

The cheese, for me, is 2nd best (after the bread)...because I love the biscuit/bread thing (or, 'sesame and poppy seed lavosh')

the chocolate pyramid $15.00
layers of crunchy chocolate, caramel, chocolate mousse & marshmallow encased in a rich chocolate shell served with berry champagne sauce

Besides the food, there is of course, the music. We managed to squeeze in a bit of dancing as well :)

I have a soft spot for guys who play the piano ;)


Manchester Lane
36 Manchester Lane
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
03 9663 0630


crushedguava said...

The style you used for the words in your pictures are awesome =D Especially the arrows. Too bad I didn't think of the idea first. Haha.

IronEaters said...

crushedguava : hey thanks :) too free...just fiddling around coz it's the hols! should really clean the apartment instead...haha.


iLikeKeyboardGuyToo said... the ending pic. me too! cant resist guys tt can play piano =)