Sunday, 16 September 2007

Lim's Nonya Hut

How far are we willing to go for Char Koay Teow? At least, how far am I willing to go for Char Koay Teow that all but promises to be similar to Penang Char Koay Teow?

I am willing to go very far...40-minute train journey to Syndal + a lot of stumbling around/getting lost/finally getting onto Blackburn Road + RAIN/STRONG WINDS = how "far" I went. To Lim's Nonya Hut, which has been recommended to me many times over for their Malaysian food. So on one RAINY afternoon (of all days to pick), me and San got our greedy butts all the way to Syndal for food. And oh, also to meet San's friend, JW.

Nonya Hut is a simple little restaurant on the corner, nothing fancy on the interior or exterior - similar to many Chinatown restaurants and maybe slightly dodgier (from looks). It is family-owned and family-run (I think), and claims to specialise in Kuih - which is our local Malaysian little 'cakes', per say.

We started off with Kuih Talam ($1.00) which is among my favourite kuih back home (although the price made me keel over and reel over but I digress).

Green and white and kuih.

Have to say that it was definitely good although not as authentic as the ones back home. The taste was there - the coconuty-santan layer for the white and the sweet pandan-ish taste for the green. But I find the texture a little lacking - a little too sticky and sticking to the roof of my mouth. Nevertheless, best I've eaten in Melbourne.

No prizes for guessing what I ordered - I'll be damned if I didn't have the Char Koay Teow ($7.80) - WITHOUT the evil that is beansprouts, of course.

Yummy yummy yummy!

Check out the big-ass prawn.

San had the same thing but she had the "evil" version.

San's Char Koay Teow with (ugh bleuh bleeeek) taugeh

When it was placed in front of us, it was already a good first impression because it smelt so GOOD and kinda Penang-like. Hahaha. San commented on the "wok hei" - definitely enough of that. On first bite? Mmmmm. Best I've had in Melbourne. By far. It was really really good!! Of course if I want to be picky and bitchy (in which I am), it's still not up to par to the my favourite stall back home (they used spring onion instead of chinese chives) - but omg so good all the same. Truly Malaysian style Char Koay Teow! The koay teow was fried just right and not all clumpy together. Nonya Hut was generous with prawns, we each got three huge prawns that tasted pretty fresh. They also used chunks of fried pig oil (which we didn't eat) which was why it smelt so good and so familiar. There was also generous bits of yummy fried egg and Chinese sausage (lap cheong) so all was very very good and there was a satisfied mouse.

Why does it have to be so #$% far away!? Sigh indeed.

We were also given complimentary Kuih Lapis which was rather good, quite yummy, me thinks.

Traditionally pink and white if I remember correctly.

We also ordered Chendol to finish up.

Bowl of ice and santan.

And green things underneath...not seaweed mind you.

Hmm, nothing really outstanding for this one. It was good the few gulps but it got a little too sweet towards the end with the gula melaka (we called it "gula Melaka" in Malaysia or palm sugar in English) syrup. Also, I was a little iffy with the texture of the chendol - tasted kind of frozen. San reckoned it'll taste much better if there was more ice in the dessert.


Seriously, if Nonya Hut is next to my apartment I'll be eating Char Koay Teow until it starts coming out of my ears.

(And no, I don't live near to a Char Koay Teow stall back home or it'll be coming out of my ears)

- Mouse

Nonya Hut is closed on Mondays.

**Just like to mention here that "KUIH" is not really cakes in English. Cakes are cakes, such as cheesecakes or chocolate cakes. Maybe snack is a more appropriate word to use, but I personally feel is still not 100% right. But i guess u get the idea, those delicacies are called "KUIH" in Malaysia. ** San


Lim's Nonya Hut
240 Blackburn Road
Glen Waverley 3150
Phone: (03) 98023763


Anonymous said...

the Char kuey teow is by far the best I have came across in Melbourne. I love to eat cendol,esp back home when we have that with ice kacang. Altho the texture of the cendol at Nyonya hut did taste a bit weird, i was just contented.

Just to translate those 2 into English, just in case u wonder:
kuih talam (Talam 'cake', per say)kuih lapis (layer cake, as its layer by layer, where traditionally it should have 9 layers)


Ginger said...

wow.. must go there to try the char kuey teow..

crushedguava said...

i wanna go too, but a 40 minute train journey!?

did you really travel all that way to get it?

if you're going to do it again, i want tapao ;p

kuey teow mee for me please, WITH beansprouts XD

Jackson said...

40 minutes train journey just to eat CKT?? u r a real food glutton!! The colour of the kuih was so good!

Junkgirl said...

I've been to this place several times and I agree the Char Kuey Teow is the pretty good. The Assam Laksa isn't bad either. And lots of kuih to choose from....
Very authentic unlike most of Msian restaurants in Melbourne

New Kid on the Blog said...

Excuse me, 40 mins for CKT?
And what went wrong with tau geh? Nice leh!!! I love that!!

tigerfish said... you don't like tau geh, mouse? When my food comes with tau geh, I will also pick them out if my eyes could see them...actually I don't mind tau geh....but it must be cooked one...not those that are added "raw" into dishes and still "raw" after cooked. I simply don't like the "raw" "chlorophyll" taste of tau geh.:O

Since it was a long drive, didn't you tapow (takeaway)? :p

The best kuih kuih I like is onde onde. Do they have that?

stickyfingers said...

Blackburn Road Syndal is a little Asian gourmet oasis. You should get down to Nudel and Wraps which is down the street from there and closer to the station. Danny Koh set up the original Penang Coffee house and is semi retired, running this place. IMO he makes the best Penang style Mee Goreng in Melbourne and his Rendang is also one of the best in town. You can buy his curries frozen to take away too.

Nearby Curry and Chips makes a thriving business cooking excellent Sri Lankan Lampreys (Curry, Rice and condiments) to take away or also purchase frozen.

Across the road at Palms Food Court tons of Chinese, Malays, Sri Lankans, Singaporeans and Indians fill the seats for genuine Asian food.

On the corner near there, local Chinese flock to New Royal Garden for good Southern Chinese staples and Yum Cha....and don't get me started on Glen Waverley, there's so much there too.

pen.dca.mel said...

That plate of CKT looks good. Having just moved to Melbourne, we're delighted with the amount of great food here!

mouse said...

San,*kicks you*

Hi ginger, I think the CKT is really worth it, but make sure you have plenty of time to spare that day - if just for the travelling!

Hi crushedguava, haha, yes, we DID travel all the way there just for food. Be sure to tapao the next time we go...which is hopefully not too soon cos that will be kinda crazy!

Hi jackson, we never denied that! ;) The colours of the kuih DO look really good!

Hi junkgirl, yup, agree with you on that that it's probably one of the most authentic Malaysian restaurants so far. Haven't been able to find anything similar in the region of the city.

Hi new kid on the blog, I am a REAL CKT glutton you see...and I have a long standing history with taugeh, let's just say we don't like each other ;)

Hi tigerfish, at least you still eat the cooked taugeh! I just can't eat them, period. If my food comes with them, I'll try to cheat someone else into changing or pick out all of it, one by one. Hahaha! And yeah, they DO have onde-onde! We didn't try it though - and by time we finish eating, too full to think of tapao! Now kinda regretting it...

Hi stickyfingers, WOW. Thanks for all the really great info on the food places! If we ever get crazy enough to go back there for food, I'll be sure to check out the places you mentioned. Thanks for all of that!

Hi pen.dca.mel, welcome to Melbourne! And yes, Melbourne is really a foodie paradise ;)

Shirley Khor said...

I've been to Lim's Nyanya Hut like more than 5 times already because 2 friends of mine work there. We always get free kuih everytime we visited :> I like the char kuey teow too, although it doesn't as nice as those in Penang.

AS for dessert, I like the Kuih pulut taitai (Kaya Kuih) only if it's freshly made. And not to mention the colourful Kuih Lapis (not the chocolate ones, they taste like Milo and they taste weird too) XP

Next time, try their Char Hor Fun. My friends said it's one of the best dishes served :)

lasilasi said...

havent been there for some times even though it's actually very near to my house (not exactly, but I have my dinner in Glen Waverley most of the time if I eat out =p). I remember the food started to get a bit too salty when I was last there - and they stop giving free tongsui and kuih =p perhaps I should revisit them!

*yes they used to give free green bean soup and kuih-muih ^^

olen said...

Just come across your blog. Your review and pics on food in Nyonya Hut really makes me hungry and shiver -- I mean it literally. I'm in Indonesia now and really miss Char Kuey Teow in Nyonya Hut. Although my fave there is Assam Laksa (which I can't find anywhere in Indonesia). The one I ate in Penang was nothing close to the one in Ny Hut - maybe I just went to the wrong stall.
I have tried every single food they serve cos I was working there for 1,5 year during my study in melbourne. kacang...would love to have it in this hot hot weather

Cathy Chua said...

I also travel a LONG way to go to Nonya Hut for the same reason. It is the only decent Malaysian in Melbourne...I'm from Adelaide and the Singaporean food is MUCH better there.

Also Nonya Hut does Poh Piahs on weekends - wow!

None of you mention the Laksa. If this place was near me I'd eat laksa twice a week and something else once a week. As it is, I only get there about once a month and I have laksa every time. Only good laksa I've found in this city.

I live in St Kilda. Maybe it is just as well....

adam said...

I first ate at nyonya hut 20 years ago and it is still memorable. Living in St kilda now but occassionally pass by and promise myself another visit. I'd better hold myself to my promise! Adman