Friday, 14 September 2007

Fish Seafood Grill & Rotisserie

Fish's logo

We went to this restaurant at Docklands 2 weeks ago to celebrate MM's birthday. The reason we chose this restaurant is simple, we just flipped thru Mouse's Entertainment Book with seafood and somewhere near in mind, and hence Fish it is =)

Fish was situated at the end of the Docklands' restaurants area (regardless of the "Docklands Drive" address, it is actually situated at the end of New Quay). The interior was not very fancy though,despite the fact that from their website somehow the restaurant looks a lot nicer online =D. Given the location & the price of the food, we expected something fancier. The design was seemingly not very well done and not very in tune with the restaurant. I think during the day would be a lot better, since you can at least enjoy the view better (overlooking the harbour)Hmmm. But complaints aside, it was still a happy!yay! occasion because it was MM's birthday (haha, here's to you growing ermm...more mature :D).

Alf's Cosmopolitan, $15.40

This is quite good. I had a sip n enjoyed it. Alf liked it too. I also ordered a glass of Killawarra Klassic, $8.25. Most of the wines are by bottles, altho they do have a few ones by glass.

We also ordered (sort of) 2 servings of garlic breads to share. It was lovely.V crunchy and aromatic. For those that can't stand garlic, maybe you can hav a try at this as they r not too garlicky. I would love it to be more garlicky but this is good enuff. Buuut the waiter was rather pushy, we wouldn't have gotten the garlic bread if he wasn't being pushy and kinda irritating (All 6 of us get the vibes that the waiter was overly pushy). Luckily, they were good =)

3 Florentine & 3 Natural Oysters, $19.80

Another entree we ordered n shared was Oysters! On the menu, there is this requirement: We ask you to select a minimum of 3 oysters per type and half dozen or more per order. Therefore, we ordered half a dozen, one was fresh n one was cooked. The oysters were fresh n eating them with a squeeze of lemon is always tasty. The Florentine ones (spinach, mornay, parmesan) were delightful too.

Our Oysters

Ok, after finish our entrees, its time for our mains to show up.

MM's pasta, $36.00

First up, MM's garlic prawns over angel hair pasta tossed in white wine, garlic, virgin olive oil and fried spinach. Sounds good rite? It was good. MM definitely enjoy it. Although the portion might look a bit small, she said it was just nice for her. Hmm. So I think, mayb it won't b enuff for a guy =P But she reckons that it is actually VERY expensive.

MM's dinner

Fish & chips in a light batter served with pea puree and rustic hand cut chips, $29.00

Now its JK's. JK is not a big fan of seafoods. Yup, he does not quite enjoy prawns, crabs..etc esp. when he has to use his hands to peel prawns' shells/use some utensils to get the crab's meat out. I do know some people around me, besides JK, that do not enjoy seafood too as they think its troublesome to eat them. So, he went for the fish n chips =) He enjoyed it, particularly the chips. LOL.

Cauliflower mornay $9.00

Jk had also ordered this salad to complement his fish n chips. He was totally in love with this I tell u. He just kept on raving about how good this salad was. I had a try n thought it was rather good too.

Spanish Paella with chorizo sausage, fish of the day, black tiger prawns, mussels, clams and chicken with saffron vinaigrette (for two guests), $54.00

Me n Alf shared this main. This is delicious, altho not memorable, with generous amount of seafoods in it. One thing is that it was not properly seasoned, so we had to put quite a bit salt n keep on squeezing the lemon juice on it =D Other than that,lovely. OOooo, another thing is we were struggling to finish it. So, I would recommend 3 people to share it, instead of 2, given that you gonna hav entrees and/or desserts too.

Prawns, mussels, bay bugs...etc!

Chardonnay risotto with mixed seafood, asparagus, baby onions & finished with champagne $28.00

KH orderd risotto as his main. I did not have a try but he finished the whole thing, so I guess that suggested something =)

Atlantic salmon fillet served with chive sauce $30.00

As for the Mouse, she had ordered salmon for her dinner. Except for some blackened bits at the edge of the salmon skin, Mouse was pretty much happy with her salmon. It was grilled just right and Mouse really liked the texture. The mash was just all right though - nothing too remarkable. But the tomato mix + olives + the puree + the salmon = happy Mouse.

Overall, the food is quite good and we are satisfied with it. Not anything wow or omg or highly recommended, but good enough. But we were not very happy with the service. Our waiter was pushy and kept trying to make us have wine when we obviously didn't want to. Same goes for garlic bread entree. When we just arrived, we would just love to have some plain water first while looking through the menu. However, he just keep coming back to ask whether we would like to order some wines and entrees to start off, while took ages to bring the plain water. Would've been better if he was recommending nicely instead of being all dictatorial! Oh, and as an extra note, it's 10% extra surcharge for weekends and public holidays. Boooo.

*EDIT: I forgot to mention that we went to this restaurant on a weekend n hence need to pay 10% more on all the food. The prices I stated above have not include the 10% as I just take the prices from their menu online. For example, the fish n chips,we actually need to pay $31.90, instead of $29 =(

- IronEaters

Fish Seafood Grill & Rotisserie
439 Docklands Dve,
Waterfront City,
Docklands, Victoria
Phone: (03) 9640 0686439


New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh boy, the food there isn't cheap huh??

Tummythoz said...

Seafood galore! Drool buckets. *pant-pant*

Truffle said...

That sounds incredibly pricey to me and a 10% surcharge on weekends is just ridiculous! Was the place very busy? At those prices I'd be expecting something pretty exceptional. You could afford to eat at a 1 or 2 hatter in town in a similar price range.

IronEaters said...

hi new kid on the blog! yup, it was very expensive n we went there on the weekend (so 10% extra on top of all the prices i just stated on the post as I just took the price from their menu online)! given the quality of the food, the service n the ambience,not really worth the $$$. esp $29 for the fish n chips. so ordinary. n MM's pasta, it was too little i think for $36.00.

hi tummythoz. yea, we all lov seafood *besides JK* n additionally, this is a seafood restaurant, hence all of us had ordered seafood =D

hi truffle! yup, I concur. its not v busy at all, besides, it was on a weekend! like i mentioned above, given the quality (rather decent but not memorable),service and ambience, its pricey. n the the 10 %surcharge,its just ridiculous,esp when there are so many other good restaurants around that area.

The Cooking Ninja said...

They sure looks delicious especially the garlic prawns pasta :)

tigerfish said...

What a spread of seafood!Love it!
But they seem on the high-end...expensive! :O

IronEaters said...

hi the cooking ninja! yea, they were rather good =)

hi tigerfish! i concur =( they were expensive, somemore an extra charge of 10% on our bill tt day.

Pati said...

Who th' heck is MM? 1 sis?! And who paid for the bill, omgggg~
Everything looks good though! :D
Treat ME to a meal then, you pay for it! XD