Saturday, 8 September 2007

Eat Drink Bento

Hi all. Haven't been blogging for quite sometimes =( Sorry peeps, as a lot of things just suddenly came up (mostly good things *big smiles*) and I was just exhausted dealing with them. Also, thanks to Mouse for keeping this blog updated =D

Now, let me share with u this post =)

When Turtle came back to Melbourne for his graduation ceremony, around 1 month ago, we went to this not-so-traditional Japanese cafe near his apartment. This was my first time to try this restaurant. Mouse n Turtle been there b4 and thought that the food there was pretty ok. So, here I go, exploring this place.

The menu offer Japanese food as well as other Asian favourites such as "Peking duck" and "Homemade char siu pork". Me, MM and Mouse had each order their lunch bento set. The lunch bento box was each accompanied by rice/soba noodles, miso soup, house entree on mixed salad (which is tempura sushi + salads) and muffin.

Teriyaki chicken, $13.50

MM's bento box is here. As it has been quite long, MM didn't really remember the food hence she didn't have a lasting impression of the food. Of the top of her head, it was not good value for money. Food was only so-so at best.

Lemongrass chicken, $15.50

I ordered this one. The menu describes the dish as : wok-fried chicken fillet pieces in a fragrant lemongrass marinade. Besides, Mouse also recommended this as she had this the first time she came n felt it was quite good. One bite, two bites... and I was v disappointed with this. The lemongrass chicken was pretty much tasteless. There wasn't any lemongrass taste/smell and I felt like I was just eating wok-fried chicken without any flavourings/seasonings. Luckily, the tempura sushi along with the salads were OK and the muffin too.

Teriyaki Chicken, $13.50

Mouse's lunch. She opted for the zaru soba (ie cold noodle) instead of rice *the pink arrow* =D Mouse thinks the chicken is fine...not spectacular. Teriyaki sauce is quite all right but taste sort of like the bottled sauce. Actually in Mouse's opinion, the quality of the food has gone down. She remembers it as being quite good the previous times it was there...didn't know everything was tasteless all of a sudden.

CC had also ordered a bento box~ sukiyaki, $13.50~ but we didn't take the photo. Similar to my lemongrass chicken, her food was flavourless too and the sukiyaki beef was practically immersed in this watery broth. It just did not look appetising. Obviously she wasn't too delightful with her food and had ordered another side dish- soft shell crabs- to eat with her rice.

Monk’s treat (steamed wombok, mix of mushrooms and mock meat), $8.90

As Turtle was feeling a bit sick, hence he decided to order this~ something not as oily. I did try this and it was rather pleasing. Light and healthy.

Green tea latte, $3.20

Both Mouse and Turtle had also ordered this drink *sorry tt the pic is blur*. I had a sip n found that the green tea was over-powering and has this very powdery taste. I love to drink green tea, but I guess powdery green tea latte is definitely not my cup of tea! Mouse thinks the first few sips is fine but as she went along, it became more and more powdery and towards the end, she can see green tea powder chunks. Ah, not very impressive, is that?

Eat Drink Bento had a relax environment and the waitress were friendly and polite. Unfortunately, the food was very much below the par, esp the lunch bento sets. I would say that I would not go back again, unless I have to.

Busy-but-Happy San

Eat Drink Bento
115 Hardware St
Melbourne 3000
Ph:(03) 96421136


Truffle said...

I'd actually considered going there previously so I'm glad I read your review first when there are so many better bento boxes to be had in this city!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

It's interesting that this Japanese place also serves peking duck and char siu. Sometimes when there are so many ethnic choices on the menu, some dishes tend to suffer in the taste. There's a Japanese restaurant by my place that's run by Chinese, and they serve char kway teow too. Food's so-so.

Precious Pea said...

Very interesting, green tea latte! Aiii..reading food blogs from Melbourne really bring tears to my eyes. So miss Melb...:(

tigerfish said...

Green tea latte is interesting....maybe it's like melted green tea ice-cream , served warm :O
Lunch time and I feel like a bento now...I would order the teriyaki chicken with soba set...hahah....

New Kid on the Blog said...

Green tea latte???? Hmmm ..... can't find this in Penang yet....

Lucy said...

Like Truffle, I too was considering a visit...thanks for the heads up!

Ginger said...

Pity the food doesnt taste good.. Looks can be deceiving huh?

IronEaters said...

hi truffle, Melbourne CBD got lots to offer esp comes to a good bento box =D For 'eat drink bento', im not sure whether the quality of food is deterioting or it just a one-off event. but you see,restaurant is to able to attract and retain the customers by making sure they are providing a consistent quality of food. In this case, the food is really below the par n considering there are many other good restaurants around that area, prob I'm not going back, unless there is a good reason for me to.

hi east meets west kitchen. I agree. sometimes they try to infuse with other ethic choices, but just didn't quite live up to consumers' expectations.

hi precious pea. its quite special yea the green tea latte =) reading ur blog about Malaysian food also make me miss those delicacies back home... luckily got blogs man!

hi tigerfish.hahaha.melted green tea ice cream being served warm! interesting way of describing it =D

hi new kid on the blog. ic. mayb soon, since green tea seems to suddenly appear on everywhere, be it cookies, ice-cream, bread,mooncake...etc.

hi Lucy. hehe. thanks for all ur posts too. enjoy them! =)

hi ginger. yea, they could!