Monday, 17 September 2007


One of my frens loves to eat the burgers at Grill'd and upon his recommendation, 4 of us (me, MM, Mouse & JK) drove down to St. Kilda to have the burgers for dinner.

Grill'd is a burger bar claiming to offer a healthier version of burgers ~ 100% chicken breast, beef, lamb n veggie pattie (preservative free). So far, it has 4 stores in Melbourne but none is situated in the CBD area. The nearest will be at Chapel St. Besides diff combo of burgers are being offered on the menu, it also has regular chips ($3.50) with 3 choices of dips (tomato relish or herb mayo or sweet chilli mayo). Ooo.... for the bun, u can choose a) panini OR b) wholemeal/white burger bun. The prices of the burgers range from $7- $10.

We each order our choice of burgers n 2 chips to share. We have chosen tomato relish n herb mayo as our dips for the fat chips. Those dips were really nice =D

"Baa Baa" burger, $9.90

The menu describes this as: "Grilled lean lamb pattie with avocado, tasty cheese, salad, relish n herb mayo.."
"Baa Baa" burger, close up

Mighty Melbourne, $10.50.

The menu describes this as: "grilled 100% lean beef, tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, a couple of slices of beetroot with salad, relish, herb mayo..." Sounds delicious rite?

The burgers at Grill'd are nice, altho I have to say they are not very cheap. As Mouse & MM had two buy-1-free-1 voucher (for the burgers), hence our bill for that nite was cheap. But I guess at the end of the day, mayb you can give urself some excuse that at least they are healthier =)


83 Acland St
St Kilda VIC 3182
Phone: (03) 9534 6900


Cindy said...

There's no way the chips are healthy, but the Grill'd ones are my favourite around town. :-)

New Kid on the Blog said...

that's not cheap, huh?
but since it says 100% healthy, well, no harm trying.... but I've not tasted a lamp burger before. is it good?

Junkgirl said...

I tried the Baa Baa burger a couple of weeks ago because I'm a lamb fan and where else can one get lamb burger. wasn't as tasty as the menu description..kinda disappointing.

ilingc said...

i've been dying to go to grill'd! i'm so going to get myself to one of their stores this weekend.

ps. my favourite photo is the one that shows the burger on an angle..

tigerfish said...

After eating the burger, did you exclaim..."have you any woo ...."
Woo hoo, I like the name "baa baa" burger a lot!

IronEaters said...

hi cindy!LOL. definitely!chips of course r not healthy. but eating burgers without chips just feel like lacking something. besides, they are frying the chips infront of u, a little bit hard to resist =D

hi new kid on the blog!yea, not v cheap. n it tasted good. i lov to eat lamb n definitely enjoy lamb burgers too =)

hi junkgirl! Sorry to hear tt the burger let u know. Im not sure where else u can get v nice lamb burgers...If anyone have any ideas, pls shout out. thanks!

hi ilingc!haha. yup, go girl! thanks.

hi tigerfish!LOL. i did. of course just mumble under my breath =P a cute name ,isn't it =D

Hungry Hamster said...

I like Grill'd too! Burger Edge also have pretty good burgers!I love their fries!

IronEaters said...

hi hungry hamster! never been to Burger Edge b4. where izit located at yea?

Willz da Pig said...

I've tried many burgers around town...even the Challenge at Captain America's in Ferntree Gully and only Grill'd is the only few places where you dont feel like shit after finishing your burger n chips

Ryan said...

Chips will never be considered a health food, that much is true. However, the chips at Grill'd are thick and therefore do not absorb as much oil.

And on the oil topic, the oil that they use is 100% veggie oil. The healthiest option to cook the 'lil buggers in.