Sunday, 8 July 2007


Tomodachi means friends in Japanese. It is situated at the busy Melbourne Central, near Hoyts cinema. Tomo served modern Japanese cuisine where its food has Western and Chinese influences. They have the famous shushi train where the sushi chef will make the shushi on the spot and if you like something besides shushi, there is a la carte menu.

Still remember I used to go to Tomo quite often when it just opened but since the 2nd semester of last year, I haven't been there until recently because I feel that the quality of the food had drop, either shushi or ala carte menu, after they changed their chefs. Anyway, me n my frens went there to have a goodbye dinner with Turtle before he left to Brisbane (Turtle n CC like to drink their sake there btw, so i guess they pick the restaurant =D ).

These are our dinners:

Edamame in Japanese or Soybean in English

Edamame are served when we were seated. It is complimentary=) The skin is not edible and you have to press the beans inside out to eat them. Apparently they are quite a popular snack because it is a lot a lot healthier as compared to chips! They are lovely btw.

Eel Teriyaki, $19.80

Mad ordered this as her dinner. How big is the Eel...and it looks yummy rite? The way Tomo cooked the eel is pretty similar to other japanese restaurants I tried, ie grilled n with the brown sauce. I found out that you can actually buy those eel (it is in a packet where the very similar brown sauce comes together with the eel ) from asian grocery and after u heat it up, it taste v similar, if not the same, like the above, and at a much cheaper price too! Anyway, I think Mad enjoyed it, which is the important thing =)

Chicken Katsu Bento, $20.80

Mouse's dinner. She thought the bento was ok, wasn't really amazing but nice enough. To her, it is an ordinary teriyaki chicken. Btw, all the bento came with 2 small shushi, 2 fried dumplings, 2 takoyaki (calamari balls), bean sprouts salad and some seasonal fruits.

Beef Teriyaki Bento, $19.80

This was what I had ordered. The beef are tender and nicely marinated. Not bad =)

Fish Katsu Bento, $22.80

MM's dinner. MM says she enjoyed the bento but she feels that the food does not worth that price as it is just normal fried fish. This fish bento also came with some mayo sauce and MM partucularly like the sauce.

Yaki Udon Chicken, $14.80

Turtle's choice. The noodle is quite fragrant. Turtle likes it but I think the portion is a bit small for him...

Prawn Teriyaki, $19.80

CC's prawns. The prawns are fairly huge and the shells look crunchy n golden from outside. I almost wanted to steal one of them =P

Mooncakes n strawberries (free)

This dessert is on the house (as Turtle and CC go to Tomo quite often for their sake, as I mentioned earlier, so they know the staff there quite well... hence the free desserts I guess). Its very nice. The mooncakes are cold and eating together with the strawberries turn out unexpectedly well.

Me and Mouse also have ordered desserts:

Daifuku, $6.80

This is delightful! Inside the daifuku is ice-cream and eating it with the red bean paste is delicious. I like.

Black Sesame Ice-cream, $6.80

MM and Mouse shared this ice-cream. This ice-cream is lovely, with just enuff sesame taste in it. Mouse felt contented.

After the meals, I feel the food has some improvements in it (the food was all not bad), however, they do not have the "wow" factors still.

317 Melbourne Central Shopping Centre (Level 3)
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9663 1940


The Cooking Ninja said...

ooohh... I love Edamame. We bought a packet at Trader's Joe in LA and it was so delicious. Wish we can buy them frozen in France :(. You so lucky. The last time we went to a real jap restaurant in Paris, the cheapest bento set us back 45 euros. :(

IronEaters said...

Hi Cooking Ninja, yea..they were nice to eat! 42 euros (around $60aud)?? WOW... thats very expensive! yea..i have to admit that people living in Melbourne are pretty spoilt with the choices they have here...

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