Monday, 9 July 2007

Wantan Mee & Hokkien Mee (Penang)

Finally had my share of hawker food! No Char Koay Teow yet (WHY WHY WHYYY) but my next favourite, Wantan Mee! I should note thought it is not a dish that Penang is particular famous for or credited for the originality, but we make pretty damn good Wantan Mee anyway. :D

Wantan Mee from one of my favourite stalls. I don't have an address for it, but if you ever want to try out this dish, just hop onto a taxi and tell the taxi driver, "Uncle Taxi, coffee shop opposite the Pulau Tikus police station with the famous Hokkien Mee!!" Indeed the coffee shop is famous for their Hokkien Mee. But cos I had a craving for Wantan Mee, I had that.

Crappy pics, I'm sorry. It was 8AM in the morning and the coffee shop was dinghy and the lightning SUCKS. I took a whole load of pics and only managed to pick out two, TWO that is slightly presentable. Blah.

My parents' Hokkien Mee - which is basically a spicy noodle soup with yellow noodles and rice noodles, served with fishcakes, prawns, TAUGEH and fried shallots.

My Wantan Mee - thin and yummy egg noodles in a soy-based sauce with fried wantans (pork wrapped in crisp pastry), roast pork and veggies. YAY.

I'm not going to describe how the food tastes like. Just that it is Penang hawker food and it is awesomely, fantastically, finger-licking, nothing-tastes-like-it AMAZINGLY GOOD.

Remember. Police station. Pulau Tikus (Mouse Island). Opposite.

- Mouse



IronEaters said...

I wan those! I just had wantan mee/kon low mee at Hawker's cafe (melbourne) and its considered as ok in melbourne i would say, but if compared to malaysia's... no way near average. Also, they served hainanese chicken on the wantan mee instead of the roasted meats, so I feel it did not go as well with the noodles. If only u can help to dabao(ie takeaway) for us here...


Jackson said...

wowo... we have different naming for the dish... u called it hokkien mee in Penang but we called it Prawn Noodle.. For me, Hokkien me is those in dark soya sauce..

IronEaters said...

yea..I agree. I call it prawn mee as well and hokkien mee is those in dark soy sauce =D