Friday, 6 July 2007

Kimchi Grandma BBQ

On Tuesday nite, after a discussion meet at MM's place, me, MM and HW were starving since it was already around 9.30pm and we haven't had our dinner! Hence, Kimchi Grandma was opted since it wasn't too far from MM's place. This is my first time there and HW as well.

Kimchi, it's free and can be refilled as many time as u like

Kimchi were served a little short while after we arrived. There were all pretty good, just that the seaweeds were too sour.

Tofu Twi-Gim (Deep fried bean curd simmered with grandma's light sauce and bonito flakes), $9.50

We ordered this entree to share. Its very nice. The tofu skin is a little crispy and inside the tofu is very soft. Also, the sauce add more flavours to the dish yet did not overpower the tofu.

Bi-Bim-Bab (Stir fried beef, mixed vegetables and fried egg on rice served with miso soup), $14.90

This is HW's dinner. For the chilli sauce on the left, he just pour it all into his bowl and i didn't hear him complain that it was very hot, so i guess the spicyness is just right then =)

Dae-Ji-Bul-Go-Gi (spicy), $17.90

This was what I ordered on that nite and it was grilled pork scotch-fillet marinated in grandma homemade spicy Go-Gi sauce. Although its name got the spicy word, don't worry, I personally don't feel it was very spicy. Its pretty mild. Probably the word is just to warn people that can't really take the heat.

This dish came with the stone bowl. You can touch it though as it is warm (but still remember to becareful) and NOT BOILING HOT like those stones for grilling at Ishiya Japanese Stonegrill Restaurant. I did enjoy this dish as the sauce is quite tasty and the porks are tender.

Bul-Go-Gi (Beef BBQ), $17.90

MM ordered beef bulgogi. Similar to mine, both of our orders got bean sprouts in it, just that her is beef instead of pork. As you can c in the picture, the sauce is still simmering a little bit when it came, so becareful. The beef are very tender as well, as I tried it, and its fairly good as a whole.

I did enjoy the dinner as the food was quite good, the staff were attentive and the environment was very much comfortable. However, for the bulgogi, I feel Oriental Spoon (Korean Restaurant at LaTrobe St.) did a better job whether is on the size of the dish (ie amount of the pork/beef served), the food itself (OS's bulgogi sauce is more concentrated and more spicy) or the price (slightly cheaper).

or Kimchi Grandma got other v good specialties that we've missed and should have ordered? If you know, pls drop a note. Thanks!


Kimchi Grandma BBQ
143-145 Bourke St
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 96500384
Fax: (03) 96500394


The Cooking Ninja said...

Those rice dishes looks so good and the tofu ... super yummy looking. If only we have such Korean restaurant here where I live. :(

mouse said...

Aiyah, Kimchi Grandma so-so only. I've only been there once and didn't really feel an urge to go back there again. Feel that the food is a little too spicy for my liking and a little plain given the price paid.

Not spicy eh...WAHHAHAHHA we have different spice intolerance, that is obvious. ;)

IronEaters said...

hi Cooking Ninja,ooo...*pats* I do have to say that Melbourne is really a food paradise where you can find different types of restaurants gathering here =)