Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Mekong (Vietnamese Restaurant)

Mekong... me, MM, Mouse n HW went to Mekong last week for lunch. I haven't been there for ages. Since MM and HW never been there, here we go to this popular vietnamese restaurant in the city.

Some Spring rolls to share

The spring rolls are nice n crunchy, but what you eat is mainly the wrappers and the ingredients inside are too little... However, the light sweet chilli sauce on the side goes pretty well with these little spring rolls.

Sliced chicken breast noodles soup

Me and Mouse have ordered the same thing ~ chicken breast noodles soup. I've put in some bean sprouts and mint leaves into the soup. I think the addition of the light mint taste n some crunchy texture from the bean sprouts are yummy. Also, the soup is lovely with lots of slices of chicken breast in it.

White coffee with almond jelly

Mouse has also ordered this drink ~ She thinks the drink is too sweet, but she does like the jelly bits in it.

Broken rice on the lots

HW's rice. It has pork, chicken, fried egg and some vege on the side. They also give you a small bowl of sauce (same sauce as the spring rolls) to go with it.

Beef slices & beef balls noodle soup

MM has ordered the beef noodles soup. She quite like it,esp the noodles, but she felt that the beef balls got too much of the tendon stuff in them.Other than that, she enjoyed it.

Since Melbourne Vietnamese Noodle House (here for the review on MVNH) is next to Mekong, there is no doubt that customers will just automatically compare them together. Me too. I think there is no drastic difference in terms of the food at these 2 restaurants, however, Mekong's dishes (noodles) have bigger portion and have more ingredients on the soup as in they give more chicken breast slices or more beef balls on the soup =D

San transforms *Transformer rocks!*

241 Swanston St
Melbourne 3000 VIC
Phone: (03) 9663 3288


mellie said...

EG and I ventured to Mekong for a hot bowl of pho after the footy last Sunday. I went the fish ball noodles, EG the beef and beef ball (and yes, they are rather tendon-y...eww). I love the buzz of the place, and the freshness of the beansprouts/herbage. But heck, they use waaaay to much MSG in their broth.

Chingster said...

yea, i think Mekong has way too much MSG...i prefer the other vietnamese restaurant next to YeShangHai on swanston, it's called Phong Son, their shredded pork, egg etc on rice is very very nice....and i love the spring rolls there as well!!

IronEaters said...

Mellie, I also like the way they use fresh bean sprouts and herbs like mint leaves on the soup. For the MSG, yea..probably abit too much.

Ching,yea, I been to Phong Son a few times and the food there are not bad =)

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