Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Yong Tau Fu Part II

This is the part II, which I used the leftover fish paste (part I was a few posts b4 this) to continue making those delicious stuffed veges ~ chillies, eggplants and mini tofu puff. Had those last week, 2 days after Part I yong tau fu, but didnt post it until now =P
They were pan fried and ...

then being cooked in the curry broth for a little while

time to eat =)

There is actually part III...HAHAHAHA. U must be thinking how many kgs of mackarel fish i bought..only 1/2kg. But coz i added minced pork and some other things, so the fillings became quite alot. The last bit of the fish paste, i jt wrapped them up with some fried eggs (beat the eggs up and each time put 2 tablespoons of eggs into the frying pan, the quickly put a spoonful of fish paste on it and wrap them up). I didnt take the photos of them... but if i make them again next time, I will remember to take =D


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