Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Disgustingly poor hygiene at selected Chinatown Restaurants

Just read about the news from The Age, regarding the poor kitchen conditions at certain restaurants in Chinatown ~ Nam Loong Restaurant, Jenny Pan's Beijing Hot Pot and Dumpling Cafe. Reading it, I feel sick:

"...live and dead cockroaches and rodent droppings" and "...food stored in cleaning buckets, on floors and near contaminants, the accumulation of waste, dirt and grease and live and dead cockroaches".

Besides, Nam Loong is a repeat offender (here) .... *gosh*

Out of this 3 restaurants, I only been to Nam Loong once to buy their pork buns(char siu bau) as I was recommended by a fren saying that their buns were good. Luckily i never went back. I just hope that consumers will b aware of those restaurants as their cleanliness standards are just shocking!



mutemonkey said...

Ugh yes, I read that article and was promptly nauseated too. Did you see the photo of the bird's nest in the sink??

As a poor student I had many a drunken visit to Camy and David's Shanghai Dumpling for a bowl of chilli oil dumplings... I've always suspected the Minister for Health would have something to say about them! :)

IronEaters said...

hi mutemonkey. no..i didn't see the photo of the bird's nest as I read the news online (only got 1 pic)... although i can imagine the sink area will b gross esp all the birds' droppings...*birds might b cute but not the droppings* =P


mellie said...

Urgh. I've eaten at nam loong a few times, and now I just want to throw up and scrub my guts out! Ewww!!

IronEaters said...

Mellie,haha..wat to do? sigh...


Anonymous said...

Nam Loong, I swear i will never go back there after having a cockroach in my meal!

have a look here

IronEaters said...

hi anon. !!! gosh...u r the one tt found the cockroach... tts extrememly gross!! luckily some actions being taken now. yea, i saw the news as well n I personally wont choose to go there unless absolutely necessary!