Monday, 4 June 2007

Lunch at Meiji Japanese Cafe

After the meeting, MM drove us back to city and headed to Meiji Jap Cafe for our lunch. I haven't been to this restaurant b4, although i have been walking passed this restaurant many times, whereas the rest had.

[From L to R] the restaurant, one of the decorations inside the restaurant, the menu

Walking into the cafe, u will notice this japanese water feature at the front, and some nice japanese pictures and maps are hanging on the walls. It was very cosy and gav me some japanese feels =)

To start, mouse ordered green tea, $2.00, for herself while the rest had plain water =D

Lovely teapot and the tea cup

Then, Jen and Chez ordered Agedashi tofu (fried tofu with tempura sauce), $6.00

Jen said it was slightly oily and the tofus were only averaged, where according to them, Koko's version was a lot more tasty (might go there in the v near future, hehe)

Jen n Chez also ordered another entree: Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), $5.00
Chez loved the chicken as she thought they were tender n juicy.

MM also ordered an entree: Pork Gyoza (Japanese pork fried dumplings, 5 pcs), $4.90
These gyoza were quite good, with some crunchiness outside and was soft inside * i had stolen one btw*

OK.... now is our main =)
By the way, all main came with a miso soup.
Miso soup

Mouse's choice was Hotate Bata Yaki (sizzling scallop), $10.90. It came with a bowl of rice and miso soup.
It smell v good and how big were the scallops...yum

Chez ordered Tempura Udon (Deep fried squid, prawns and veges with noodle), $13.00 + Chawan Mushi (Steamed eggs with seafood and veges), $4.90

Chez enjoyed the udon v much...

...but thought the chawan mushi was a bit dry *the seafood & veges are under the eggs, just in case u ponder where are they*

Jen had picked the Sanshoku (Salmon, pork mince and fried eggs), $8.50

Whereas MM had ordered Asari-Takenoko (clams n veges), $10.00

Lastly, its mine ~ Tempura bento (tempura, grilled fish, small cucumber roll, pickles, salad and rice), $13.90.

The tempuras were v crunchy and the shushi got this freshness + bites from the cucumbers. As for the grilled fish, it was too salty. Other than that, i did enjoy my bento.

Overall, I was happy with my food. The service was polite *with smiles* and efficient. I will love to go back again =)


Meiji Japanese Cafe
105 Little Bourke Street

Phone: (03) 9662 2899


Eu Jin said...

mmm... very hungry now =D visit hobrenhaus next la, near flower drum ^_^

IronEaters said...

hi eu jin... hobrenhaus? i just searched online and i think u meant Hofbrauhaus restaurant yea? =D yea, might giv it a go in the future. hows the food there?


Eu Jin said...

o. yes =p don't know how to spell. well. the portions are very large and meaty - mostly pork or beef, only one fish dish i think. i'd recommend the pork knuckles and the schnitzel - i think - the flat pork in batter, fried lightly. mm. yes ^_^ hope u like meaty food n beer though. xD

IronEaters said...

oo..sounds good. i also went to their website n hav a look at their menu and yea.. v meaty =D