Monday, 4 June 2007

Sunday late brekkie at Cafe Delphi

Me and a couple of frens went 2 Moonee Ponds yesterday, around 10am, for a meeting. Bcoz some of us didnt manage to hav breakfast b4 this, hence we all quickly went to this cafe to get some caffeine/hot chocolate/cookies/sandwich.

The first thing came to my vision is this range of different cakes, cookies and some sandwiches on the display cupboard.

I would lov to sit down n slowly savour one of the cakes, but due to time constraint, i ordered the below:

My brekkie ~ hot chocolate & 2 cookies

The hot chocolate is not bad, quite concentrated. Enjoyed it =) and the cookies are cookies. pretty standard taste.

mouse's brekkie ~ chai latte & jam-tart cookies

She ordered her current obsessive favourite drink ~ chai latte, but its made from tea bag. So, Mouse was =( and moaning about the tea bag chai like bratty Mouse she is when she doesn't get what she wants. She also ordered a jam-tart-cookie thing that tasted rather good. The top biscuit bit and the bottom bits are made of different textures with the top bit more pastry-ish. The jam is yummy but she thinks it can be a little less sweet. Coffee would go really well with the cookies but Mouse wasn't allowed caffeine because she was SICK [again, =( ]. This part is by Mouse


Cafe Delphi
11 Puckle St
Moonee Ponds
Phone: (03)93704707

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