Sunday, 3 June 2007

Spanish Dougnuts & Dessert House

This morning, i went to Vic Market with Alf to do our weekly marketing. As i havent had my brekkie, hence i decided to get myself some spanish doughnuts.

the paper bag

I bought $3 worth of spanish doughnuts here. As u can c, it is not alot in there. Actually 1 piece = $1, however, cz some of them are in smaller pieces, hence the seller jt chucked in another 1 or 2 for me.

I havent eaten them for quite sometimes, so im delighted to hav them this morning. The doughnuts were still pretty warm n crunchy. LOVE it. The only criticism is that the amount of sugar on them was TOO little!

As much as I enjoy it, I have to say tt is pricey for 1 piece= $1 aud. hm.. Mayb i should just make them myself...

Victoria Market
Corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets

*Time flies... and it was lunch time again!

Went to Dessert House for lunch. This is one of our regular places for meals as the food there are pretty good and its not expensive. Its a v popular restaurant for Asian and esp. international students where you can safely say tt most of the international students in Melbourne know this restaurant.

We arrived there at ard 1.30pm and as u can c, the queue is quite long. This happens quite often during lunch n dinner times as the restaurant space is fairly small.

Fried Chicken Ribs on Rice $7.80

Lemongrass Chicken With Egg On Rice $7.50

If u r in the restaurant, u would sight these 2 dishes on a number of tables, esp the 2nd one as its the house specialty. Ooooo, also the restaurant has quite a range of desserts on their menu, such as diff types of pancakes as well as other types of desserts, and they are yummy too =)

We always enjoy the food there, although i hav to mention that the quality of the service is not v good, esp during peak period, where u r expected to leave once u finish ur last spoonful of whatever u've ordered.

EDIT: Not too long ago, they have also opened a branch at Swanston street (opposite QV).


Dessert House
The Midcity Arcade (connects Bourke St to Chinatown)
Melbourne 3000

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