Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Yong Taufu, Part I

Yong taufu is v popular in Malaysia and Singapore. Loosely speaking, it is " stuffed tofu". "Yong" is like a way of cooking, not too sure what is the word in English. If anyone knows, pls shout out. Anyway, not only tofu, you can have stuffed chillies, lady fingers, beans, mushrooms, eggplants and practically anything that u like. I personally love the chillies'! *Sigh, miss my mum's yong taufu*

Hence, i've made myself the stuffing for the veges for tonite's dinner and tomorrow's. The fillings for the yong taufus are normally made up of mackarel fish and/or prawns and/or porks. Can also add some dried shrimps and some chopped spring onions. However, mackarel fish is the main ingredient as it provides the "springy-ness" texture ~ in Hokkien, we call it Q.

Tonite, i used some mackarel fish i bought from vic marc + minced pork + dried shrimps for the stuffing. Since tonite are only me and alf having dinner together, hence i've only "yong" some chillies and eggplants. The rest of the fillings will b kept in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner.

My yong taufu


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