Saturday, 30 June 2007

Manila Place (Penang)

I still have a few Melbourne food posts to wade through, but just a quick food post on food in Penang for this entry.

Me and Mum went to Manila Place for lunch today, a cafe-style restaurant situated in Gurney Plaza. It serves both local Malaysian-style cuisine and Western cuisine, so there's a little something for everyone. ^.^

We both had the set lunch, which came with an ice-lemon tea, mushroom soup and strawberry ice cream for dessert, which cost RM19.90/AUD$6.70.

The soup was okay - good creamy soup, but nothing to really shout about. It wasn't nearly warm enough I feel, for it to be really good, it had to be pipping hot so it'll be all creamy and yummy when you eat it with bread. There was quite a lot of mushrooms though so I'll give them credit there.

We also ordered a Caesar Salad (RM12.90/AUD$4.30) to share.

Great salad with great dressing but the portion was a little small. I know for AUD$4.30 it was a steal, but not for RM12.90 in Penang. :P We would both have preferred more tomatoes and crisp lettuce. Also not enough cheese and no anchovies in sight. :( Props for real bacon bits and flavoured boiled eggs though.

Mum had the Chicken Curry with Pita Bread for her main.

The curry was fragrant and was of just the right amount of spiciness for mum. The chicken meat was lean and tender as they used thigh/breast meat so there was minimal amount of chicken fat. The pita bread used was wholemeal pita bread and it was toasted, so it wasn't oily, much to Mum's delight. She loved her lunch.

I had the Spicy Lemongrass Chicken with Rice. I never seem to be able to stay away from lemongrass chicken, WHY.

It was definitely Malaysian-style lemongrass and different from my Dessert House gorging in Melbourne. The sauce was plentiful and thick, flavoured with lemongrass and spices. The chicken was a lot - they gave three big pieces of meat. Pan-fried to just the right amount! I certainly enjoyed it! And the crisp veggies at the side was a great complement.

I supposed it was a little pricey and a little up-market compared to the usual Penang offerings - but it was a nice place and the staff was quite friendly (rare find in Penang :D). I might make this one of my regular "fancy place" places to eat.

Also, I promise I will have hawker food up - when I get to eat theeeeeem.
- Mouse


Manila Place
170-G-43, Gurney Plaza,
Penang 10250
Phone:+6(04) 2262005

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Anonymous said...

You should try restaurant 18 and do a review of it and see... The food is good, The staffs are friendly and an affordable price...Seriously Go try!!!!