Friday, 29 June 2007

Alf's birthday

Happy Birthday to Alf!

We celebrated his birthday 2 weeks ago with a really simple dinner at home due to the rest of the people,except the birthday boy, would have exams soon. We started off our dinner with cheese and eggyolks pasta cooked by Alf. *WAT?? I heard* yea... We suggested to go to Grossi Florentino for a decent dinner (which the girls~me, MM & Mouse ended up going short after Alf left for holidays in Malaysia. This post will b coming up soon.) but Alf said he would cook for us due to the decreasing amount of vitamin M in his pocket. So, the birthday boy cooked pasta for the 4 of us =)

The pasta. Yum.

keropok keping, pineapple and the sauce for dipping

Alf loves the keropok keping! So, i decided to fry up some for him. The sauce is for you to dip ur keropok with. It is made by my cousin (I brought it from Malaysia, btw) using prawn paste, belacan, chilli and some other ingredients. The sauce is v nice! It is a bit spicy and I added some roasted peanuts and sesames into it. How fragrant! We normally will have different types of fruits(pineapple, cucumber, turnip (bangkuang), mango (not too ripe) & guava) and then will add in the keropok (crack it) together with the sauce. In Malaysia and Singapore, we called it rojak. There are slight different ways of eating it in different states but the fruits and the sauce are the main things.

The Cake

Alf also bought the cake by himself (he insisted) coz he said he wanna choose a cake that he actually like so that he will enjoy it =D So, here it is a chocolate cake from Laurent Patisserie. I took the picture of the box because we tried and tried but could not take the cake out of the box without cutting the box up... and hence we wondered how they actually put the cake in as there is no space for us to put our hands in and could take the cake out, without ruining the cake... Neway, we cut the box up =)

Like the pokka dots

My share of the cake

The cake is very rich. It has bit n pieces of crunchy chocolote bars in it. The dotted sponge layer on the edge complement well with the chocolate cake as it is not sweet. Good choice, Alf!

San is still in Melbourne

**EDIT: Btw, since Mouse is back to Malaysia for holidays now, so some of the posts from her will b featuring food from Malaysia! Just in case anyone confuse with the posts... * I miss those food, sob quietly =( *


The Cooking Ninja said...

Beautiful cake and yummy keropok.

IronEaters said...

hi cooking ninja, yea.the cake is beautiful n taste good as well! n keropok, wat a crunchy yummy snack!!