Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Jackie's Restaurant & Bar

When meeting up with CC's fren for yumcha, we decided to go for Jackie's Restaurant & Bar (JRB) since we never been there b4 and another reason is that Jackie's Restaurant is in the city (EDIT: not sure whether is relocation from Doncaster but I heard the one at Doncaster has closed down) , so its convenient for us to go there =)

When we walked into JRB, the lightings inside are abit dim and classy as well where the restaurant is a fusion of Western + Eastern design. I like the ambience. We were served to sit on a long table. Yup, most of the tables are square tables and not typical round tables you will find at other yumcha places. Later, I find it is abit hard to eat on a long table (the staff combine 3 squared tables for us) as we need to pass the dimsums around instead of just putting out our hands to the middle of the round tables and pick whichever dimsums we like.

Jackie's Restaurant at the corner of La Trobe and Queen St

You are given a menu and order at the table,which later the staff will bring out whatever dimsums you've ordered. Hmm... but I prefer that i can pick watever is on the tray. I think thats more fun =)

Here are what we've ordered that day. We actually ordered more (3 or 4 more) but as some pics are quite blur, so I didnt post them here. Considering we got 8 of us, the dimsums we ordered actually are quite little. This probably due to the size of the dimsums they made as they are slightly bigger (we didnt even order dessert !!) , so we were pretty full by the time we finished having what we had. I know... still... very little. Maybe we were all not very hungry that day?? Anyway, the dimsums:

The food are all pretty standard (ie nothing to shout out but not bad). However, some dishes they brought are quite cold... and the choices of dimsums that they have are not as wide as Taipan or Shark Fin House. Mayb thats a put off on our appetite as well as the size of them. I think I prefer smaller size dimsums so we can have more variety (isn't that the purpose?). The price of the dimsums are pretty similar to other yumcha places like Shark Fin house or Taipan restaurant whereas for the service, thumbs up for JRB as the staff are very attentive and polite.

As I mentioned above that I like the restaurant's ambience however its more for fine dining, I feel, instead of yumcha as yumcha in my opinion should be a a little bit more noisy and crowded. When we went to JRB that day, there aren't many customers and hence mayb thats y i dun have the "yumcha feel". And other reasons like the long tables they use and also the way we order our dimsums did contribute to the feel. I think if you have less ppl, for example 4 ppl, then you would just fit well to 1 table and do not hav to pass the dimsums from one end to another end.

Overall, not a bad experience as the service there are quite good. However, I much prefer Taipan Restaurant and Shark Fin House for their variety, the food itself and the whole yumcha ambience/experience.


Jackie's Restaurant & Bar
Floor/Level Basement 299 Queen Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 96060055


Chingster said...

i like Jackie's kitchen actually, they did have trolley out but not as often as shark fin house etc where ppl come out and shout (true HK style). i would go back there for the place and the service coz the food is not bad...

IronEaters said...

Hi Ching. Yea, they did, but they just pass us what we have ordered. Although sometimes they bring out few extra dimsums on the trolley along with wat we've ordered, but the main way to order is still thru the staff...