Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Thai chicken sandwich

My Lunch

from Delichoice. Went mcd n grab myself the sandwich this afternoon. Its $5.95. However, cz i got this free voucher from turtle, so its free for me *thanks turtle* sounds dejavu? no, cz not long ago i jt had parmigiana sandwich =D

the DeliChoice voucher

quite a big sandwich

Whats in between?

I opened it up to take pic..u can c there are lettuce, tomato, cucumber, big pieces of well-marinated thai chicken & some v tasty sauce (abit sour n refreshing kinda sauce) *well, it kinda looks like a bunch of stuff in the middle. lol*

yum...the sauce

Was playing with my handphone camera, so took quite a few of pics... =) Full n happy now...



Sean said...

San... I'm sure the sandwich tasted real nice... but I cant help but notice it somehow looks like someone sat on the sandwich before it was wrapped. Has tis mangled look...

(Now I remember why I never used the damn vouchers)

I had one Delichoice sandwich... tasted horrible... dry like straw... never trust anything that 'tries' to be healthy...

Bah... my two cents

IronEaters said...

hahahaha *kick* cz u hav to hold it sort of tightly to eat else the cucumber/lettuce/ tomato will fall off. and if u notice, i had a bite on the left side of the sandwich b4 taken it out to take pic, so prob looks like someone has sat on it... and im not sure y ur burger was so dry..perhaps u r not cute enuff?? *this is our jokes btw*