Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Chilli Pepper Restaurant

Last nite, by the time me, mouse n MM finished our discussion meet, it was already 9.30pm. So, we decided to have dinner at a restaurant that is near to us. Initially, we wanted to go to J- Cafe , however, it has closed. Hence, we went to this chinese restaurant instead, which is just a few shops next to J-Cafe. Its is at the end of the Chinatown, at Exhibition street.

The inside view ot the restaurant

When we about to step into the restaurant, we realised there is no other customers inside and we were like huh... should we leave? But because we were very hungry at that time + it was very cold & windy + we never been to this restaurant,so, why not hav a try.

Looking at the menu, we saw some interesting food on it, such as duck tongue with something i forgot, deep fried salmon skin... and a few others. i haven't tried those 2 before. I have only tried deep fried chicken skin..haha. For duck tongue, I am not suprised to c it on the menu as Chinese eat almost everything! As for the salmon skin, never came across to me that we just fry and eat the skin cz normally we eat the whole salmon fillet... although i can imagine it will be very crunchy n "juicy" (i.e oily) =D


Sorry for the bad pic. But if u could c under the "Special Snacks", chilli oil and XO chilli sauce are under it and it cost $2 and $3 respectively. I just find that a bit bizzare.

Neway, I have ordered stewed pork with preserved vegetables on rice, $8.00.

my dinner
The dish is quite good in general, with fair amount of sauce on top and a few slices of pork and some bok choy underneath it. However, i find the stewed porks are abit over cooked as it is slightly hard and dry. But other than that, its a OK dish as i love to eat porks with quite abit of fat on it =D

This is Hainanese Chicken on rice, $8.00, ordered by MM.

MM said she liked it and enjoyed it, esp the spring onion sauce above *next to the sweet chilli sauce*.

Lastly, Mouse's Wanton Noodle Soup arrived, $8.00.

According to mouse, the wanton noodle is quite good as the soup is light and the wantons are stuffed with prawns =)

Overall, we were satisfied as the service is quite polite as well.


Chilli Pepper Restaurant
Corner of Little Bourke and Exhibition (next to Her Majesty's Theatre)
Melbourne 3000

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