Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Noodle soup for din...

That was my dinner last nite. Love it! This is cooked by my brother,alf, as it was his turn to cook yesterday. Its very delicious as it is light yet it is full of beautiful flavours! There were udon noodle, slices of fish cakes, spinach, some fresh mushroom and top with some grilled honey chicken. As the weather turn colder now, just feel blissful to have a big bowl of hot tasty noodle soup. yum... =)
with my chopsticks n spoon, im ready

*10 mins later

Yup. Here is my empty bowl. haha... i finished every drip of the soup. I always like to drink soup. Hot soup. yup, hav to be hot. Some of my frens just freak out when they c me drinking *while they are busy fanning the soup* the soup when its still v hot. Well, i just think soup taste better when they are hot =)


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mouse said...

She drinks BOILING WATER from the KETTLE once it finishes BOILING.