Sunday, 20 May 2007

Lucky Cup

Went for bubble tea today at Melbourne Central after a few hours at library. Its been ages since my last cup of bubble tea. I personally am not a big fan of bubble tea but do enjoy it occasionally.

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Lucky Cup is situated at the food court, next to Baskin Robbins, near to the Melbourne Central’s train station. They offered a wide range of different flavors such as blueberry, almond, aloe vera…etc and different types of "bubble drinks" – bubble tea, milk teas and others. Besides, u can choose either pearls or jelly for your drinks. I ordered the “red pearl milk tea” *the classic/normal bubble tea as I always put it* at $3.00.

The bubble tea was not too sweet, which is to my liking, and u can, subtly, taste the milk and the tea together. Its just refeshing! To be honest, I never really tried many flavors of bubble tea before as I am slightly deterred by the coloring and artificial flavors * If u keep on reading this blog, I believe you will soon find out that I much prefer, if possible, natural-coloring and natural-flavoring food.

Neway, there was another branch at Bourke Street last time but was closed last year (?) I think. Besides Lucky Cup, I’ve only tried Easy Way (at Bourke street, near to Target) and another bubble tea cafĂ© which I forgot the name (it is at Bourke street as well, next to KFC). From these 3, I find that the bubble teas they made are quite similar/standard in taste; the difference I feel is with the pearl where Lucky Cup’s pearls are the best out of the three. It is soft yet chewy, as compared to the other 2 where their pearls are a little bit harder.

Hmm.. i just like the combination of the drinks n pearls as i got something to chew while drinking! =)

Lucky Cup
Food court at Melbourne Central's train station



Anonymous1234 said...

i do not know how was it taste in 2007, but it is definitely disgusting when my friend bought a grean bean milk tea today. and the customer service was damn bad that you feel like spitting on them! never visit there again!

Anonymous said...

if u dont like artificial flavours or colours u should try this new bubble cup in Box Hill called MOMO CUP they use all real fruit blended with tea for all their flavours tastes really good. and their pearls not bad too chewy and doesnt stick to the teeth.

its where ichiban crepes used to be =)

Anonymous said...

hmmm...i think whoever wrote the comment above about Momo Cup may be the owner given the shameless self publicity?

because i just had jasmine green milk tea from Momo Cup and it leaves a very bad residual taste in my mouth..maybe you guys should change your recipe or something?

i think i shall stick to the jasmine green milk tea from Ten Ren tea station in the city.