Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Delichoice for Lunch today

Had my very late lunch today at Mcd. i got myself a delichoice ~ Parmigiana, $5.95. ** I got the delichoice for free as i have this free delichoice voucher from turtle (Thanks turtle!)** This is the new delichoice that Mcd has now for a limited time, together with another choice: sweet chilli chicken. I chose Parmigiana over sweet chilli chicken as the name sounds mysterious to me and so i wanted to try. Btw, Mcd now serves 2 kind of breads for delichoice - white or multigrains. I always lov multigrains as it is not as plain as white *duhh..haha* it just add more bites and more nutrients..n so multigrains here i go =)

*This pic is quite dark as compared to others 2 as my handphone was running out of battery and hence i have to bring the wrapper back home to take the pic, which then is already nite time. And also my room is quite dark. And yea too, i hav to improve my photo-taking skills!*

As you can c, it got a huge fried crumbed chicken fillet, big slices of bacon, lettuce, slices of cheese and a few baby spinach *its in the middle of the sandwich and thus u wont c it*. There is tomato paste kinda sauce on top as well as some pepper on it. Although it might seems abit dry in the pics, it is not at all. The sauce is jt enuff for the sandwich. This is unbelievably good.

And i hav to say that Mcd is generous on the ingredients as the chicken fillet is huge and the bacons too. I would say its really worth the price. I have tried most of the delichoice at Mcd and they are all not bad, quite good to be honest, esp Tandoori chicken. You got to try that.

Mcd nowadays have wider range of fast food to "capture" those healthier eaters and they do offer some healthier choices on the menu, like delichoice * alittle bit more healthier..haha*, salad n apples. To conclude, their delichoice is worth trying and definitely have "captured" me.


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